Mont Berru (Paleocene of France)

Also known as Berru bed 5; Mouras Quarry

Where: Champagne-Ardenne, France (49.3° N, 4.2° E: paleocoordinates 43.8° N, 1.7° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Cernay Formation, Thanetian (59.2 - 56.0 Ma)

• younger than carrière Lemoine, which is late Thanetian (Russell 1981); NP9, MP6 (Smith and Smith 2003)

•bed 5 (Hooker and Russell 2012)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: fluvial; conglomerate

• "sédiments fluviatiles"
• conglomerate (Smith and Smith 2003)

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: D. E. Russell. 1981. Un primate nouveau du Paléocène supérieur de France. Geobios 14(3):399-405 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 68428: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 22.01.2007, edited by Philip Mannion, Lars van den Hoek Ostende, John Alroy and Patricia Holroyd

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Proteida - Batrachosauroididae
Palaeoproteus gallicus4 Estes et al. 1967 salamander
MNHN CR 6705-6708, 6722 (atlantes), 6709-6711 (trunk vertebrae) and 6712 (dentary)
 Testudines - Trionychidae
Trionyx sp.2 Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1809 softshell turtle
 Testudines -
"Berruchelus russelli n. gen. n. sp." = Compsemys russelli18
"Berruchelus russelli n. gen. n. sp." = Compsemys russelli18 Pérez-García 2012 turtle
MNHN.F.BR 9110 - holotype (nuchal plate); referred material (MNHN): neurals (BR 2780, BR 9097, BR 9098, BR 15256), costals (BR 2827, BR 4181, BR 4288, BR 9038, BR 9043, BR 9062, BR 9092, BR 9101–BR 9103, BR 9105, BR 9112, BR 9115, BR 9118, BR 13430, BR 13433–BR 13647, BR 13651, BR 13652, BR 13713, BR 15002, BR 15005, BR 15009, BR 15043, BR 15059, BR 15151, BR 15157–BR 15159, BR 15169, BR 15408, BR 17468–BR 17470), peripherals (BR 872, BR 2676, BR 2690, BR 2775, BR 2776, BR 2793, BR 2834, BR 2861, BR 2728, BR 2734, BR 3655, BR 3658, BR 4182, BR 4217, BR 4218, BR 4289, BR 9093, BR 9099, BR 9100, BR 9104, BR 9109, BR 9113, BR 9114, BR 9116, BR 9117, BR 13447, BR 13455–BR 13457, BR 13709, BR 13728, BR 15010, BR 15126, BR 15255), suprapygal (BR 9096), pygal (BR 15010), epiplastra (BR 9091, BR 13454, BR 13725, BR 17471), entoplastra (BR 4206, BR 4212, BR 13726, BR 15010), hyoplastra (BR 1657, BR 4221, BR 9040, BR 9041, BR 9042, BR 9056, BR 9106, BR 13648, BR 13650, BR 15000, BR 15001, BR 15189, BR 40309), mesoplastra (BR 9036, BR 13649, BR 15003), hypoplastra (BR 2696, BR 2746, BR 4189, BR 4193, BR 4196, BR 9035, BR 9037, BR 9039, BR 9057, BR 9094, BR 9107), xiphiplastra (BR 13723, BR 15004), and seven fragments of indeterminate plates, numbered collectively as BR 15004; material originally preliminarily assigned to Compsemys (Broin 1977)
 Strigiformes - Sophiornithidae
Berruornis orbisantiqui n. gen. n. sp.16
Berruornis orbisantiqui n. gen. n. sp.16 Mourer-Chauviré 1994 owl
MNHN R4155 - holotype (incomplete right tarsometatarsus); referred material: MNHN BR 11186 (distal left tibiotarsus), BR 11195 (proximal right tarsometatarsus), BR 12482-12483 (right tarsometatarsus) and BR 14571 (right tarsometatarsus)
 Remiornithiformes - Remiornithidae
Remiornis heberti14 Lemoine 1881 bird
Referred material (MNHN BR)
 Gastornithiformes - Gastornithidae
Gastornis minor14 Lemoine 1878 bird
Referred material
Gastornis parisiensis14 Hébert 1855 bird
Referred material (MNHN BR)
Gastornis russelli n. sp.14 Martin 1992 bird
MNHN R 3560 - type (left tarsometatarsus); MNHN R 2583 (a bill fragment) may also belong to this species (Martin 1992)
 Crocodylia - Crocodylidae
"Asiatosuchus depressifrons" = Crocodylus depressifrons3
"Asiatosuchus depressifrons" = Crocodylus depressifrons3 Blainville 1855 crocodile
 Crocodylia -
Diplocynodon remensis n. sp.15 Martin et al. 2014 crocodilian
MHNH F BR 4020 - type (a nearly complete skull); referred material (MNHN)
 Primates - Plesiadapidae
Chiromyoides campanicus7 Stehlin 1916 primate
Plesiadapis remensis8 Lemoine 1887 primate
single MNHN specimen from Berru
Plesiadapis berruensis n. sp.12 Jehle et al. 2018 primate
Plesiadapis tricuspidens8 Gervais 1877 primate
numerous specimens from the MNHN, YPM, UCMP, and other collections including several skulls
Platychoerops antiquus n. sp.1 Boyer et al. 2012 primate
NMB Bru4 - type (right lower p3-m3)
 Primates -
Berruvius lasseroni n. gen. n. sp.
Berruvius lasseroni n. gen. n. sp. Russell 1964 primate
MNHN BR-141 - type; referred material: MNHN BR-8, BR-1109 and BR-22-BN
 Primates - Toliapinidae
Sarnacius gingerichi11 Russell 1981 primate
 Tribosphenida - Adapisoriculidae
Afrodon sp.5 Gheerbrant 1988 placental
e.g. MNHN BR-9-Ph
Bustylus cernaysi6 Gheerbrant and Russell 1991 placental
MNHN BR 4 Bn, BRL 8 P, BR 9 Ph
 Placentalia -
? Lipotyphla indet.5 Haeckel 1866 placental
lower molars
 Perissodactyla -
Teilhardimys brisswalteri10, "cf. Microhyus sp." = Teilhardimys22
Teilhardimys brisswalteri10 Hooker and Russell 2012 odd-toed ungulate
Paratypes: RP4, MNHN.F.I-124; RM1, MNHN.F.I-712; two LM2s, MNHN.F.I-722, I-730; LP3, MNHN.F.I-708; RM1, MNHN.F.I-706; LM2, MNHN.F.I-242; two RM2s, MNHN.F.I-244, I-716; LM3, MNHN.F.I-715; two RM3s, MNHN.F.I-582, I-720; referred material: LM2, MNHN.F.I-726; LM1, BR-39
"cf. Microhyus sp." = Teilhardimys22 Kretzoi and Kretzoi 2000 odd-toed ungulate
MNHN L−3−BR (right M1)
 Tribosphenida - Pseudorhyncocyonidae
Phakodon levei9 Russell et al. 1967 placental
 Macroscelidea - Louisinidae
Walbeckodon girardi10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Right dentary with M1–2, MNHN.F.I-207
Gigarton meyeri10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
LM1, MNHN.F.I-251
Gigarton sigogneauae10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
LM2, MNHN.F.I-682
Louisina mirabilis n. gen. n. sp.10 Russell 1964 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.BR143 - holotype (left dentary with crowns of M1–3 and alveoli of P2–4); paratypes: right dentary fragment with M2–3 (MNHN.F.BR-4406); referred material: right maxilla, M1–2, MNHN.F.BR-7-Lass; RM1, MNHN.F.BR-3-L; LM1, MNHN.F.I-729; RM3, MNHN. F.I-728
Louisina marci10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Two RM1, MNHN.F.BR-13-Pn, I-683; five LM2s, MNHN.F.I-583, I-709, I-714, I-718, BR-12-Bn; RM2, MNHN.F.I-707, LM3, IRSNB.CR-48-B-Wouters; RP3, MNHN.F.I-686; LP4, IRSNB.CR-34-B-Wouters; LM1, MNHN.F.I-721; two RM2s, MNHN.F.I-705, IRSNB. CR-42-B-Wouters
Thryptodon brailloni10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Right M1, MNHN.F.I-681; RM2, MNHN.F.I-685; tentatively referred material: RP3, MNHN.F.I-691
Berrulestes phelizoni n. gen. n. sp.10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.BR-29-Ph - holotype (right dentary with P3–M3 and separate condyle); paratypes: RM1, MNHN.F.BR-6-L; LM2, MNHN.F.I-283; RP4, MNHN.F.I-602; RM1, MNHN.F.I-710; LM3, MNHN.F.BR-125-L; three RM3s, MNHN.F.I-580, I-754, I-247; referred material: RM1, MNHN.F.I-606; LM2, MNHN.F.I-692; RM2, MNHN.F.I-689
Berrulestes poirieri n. sp.10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.I-725 - type (RM1); paratypes: RP4, MNHN.F.I-573; LM2, MNHN.F.BR-17478; two RM2s, MNHN.F.I-688, I-693; RM3, I-261; referred material: RM3, MNHN.F.I-713
Berrulestes pellouini n. sp.10 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.I-567 - type (LM1); paratypes: LM2, MNHN.F.I-253; two LM3s, MNHN.F.BR-3, BR-6
Dipavali petri10 Russell 1964 elephant shrew
Associated RM1–3, MNHN.F. BR-15695–7; three RM1, MNHN.F.BR-2-L, BR-4-L, I-272; two LM2s, MNHN.F.I-587, I-690; LM3, MNHN.F.BR-14; two LP3s, MNHN.F.I-668, I-672; LP4, MNHN.F.I-671; twoRP4s, MNHN.F.BR-1-Ph, BR-9-Bn; LM1, MNHN. F.I-667; RM1, MNHN.F.I-673; L dentary, M2–3, MNHN.F.BR-1198; R dentary, M2–3, MNHN.F.BR-101; RM2, MNHN.F.BR-36-L; RM3, MNHN.F.I-669; RDP3, MNHN.F.BR-79
 Tribosphenida - Arctocyonidae
Arctocyonides arenae20 Russell 1964 condylarth
either Cernay or Berru
Landenodon lavocati19 Russell 1980 condylarth
Landenodon phelizoni n. sp.19 Russell 1980 condylarth
BR 10156 - type
 Ungulata - Hyopsodontidae
Tricuspiodon sobrinus n. sp.19 Russell 1980 condylarth
BR-2-L - type
Tricuspiodon magistrae n. sp.19 Russell 1964 condylarth
BR 4426 - type
 Ungulata - Pleuraspidotheriidae
Orthaspidotherium edwardsi n. gen. n. sp.13
Orthaspidotherium edwardsi n. gen. n. sp.13 Lemoine 1885 eutherian
 Acreodi - Mesonychidae
Dissacus europaeus21 Lemoine 1891 condylarth
IRSNB M2096, MNHN.F.2003–2.1121, MNHN.F.BR 13937, 1069, 12524, 1033
 Multituberculata - Kogaionidae
Hainina vianeyae n. sp.17 Peláez-Campomanes et al. 2000 multituberculate
either Cernay or Berru