Ty-3. 60 cm shale zone, immediately above limestone at mall abandoned borrow pi (Carboniferous of the United States)

Also known as Was: Zoar Mining Co., York Township, Putnam Hill Unit, Tuscarawas

Where: Tuscarawas County, Ohio (40.5° N, 81.4° W: paleocoordinates 7.9° S, 19.2° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Shale Member (Putnam Hill Formation), Desmoinesian (313.8 - 305.9 Ma)

• early Lower Desmoinesian

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: shallow subtidal; lithified limestone and lithified shale

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the OSU

Primary reference: R. D. Hoare, M. T. Sturgeon, and T.B. Hoare. 1972. Middle Pennsylvanian (Allegheny Group) Polyplacophora from Ohio. Journal of Paleontology 46(5):675-680 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 72004: authorized by Wolfgang Kiessling, entered by Uta Merkel on 21.05.2007, edited by Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Proetida - Phillipsiidae
Ditomopyge scitula2 Meek and Worthen 1865 trilobite
 Conocardiida - Pseudobigaleaidae
Pseudobigalea crista4 Hoare et al. 1982
 Pholadomyida - Megadesmidae
Unklesbayella geinitzi10 Meek 1867 clam
 Prosobranchia - Anozygidae
Anozyga bulla n. gen. n. sp.3
Anozyga bulla n. gen. n. sp.3 Hoare 1980 snail
 Prosobranchia - Pseudozygopleuridae
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) delicata" = Plocezyga delicata6, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) conica" = Plocezyga conica6, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) lineata" = Plocezyga lineata6, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) intermedia" = Plocezyga intermedia6, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) excellens" = Plocezyga excellens6, "Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) knighti" = Hyphantozyga knighti6, "Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) pulchra" = Hyphantozyga pulchra6, Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) gracilis6, "Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) perattenuata" = Hyphantozyga perattenuata6, Helminthozyga undulata n. sp.5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) inornata" = Levizygopleura inornata9, "Microptychis williamsi" = Levizygopleura williamsi7, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) sinuosior" = Pseudozygopleura sinuosior9, Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pinquicula9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) assertonsoris" = Pseudozygopleura assertonsoris9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) angustata" = Pseudozygopleura angustata9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. dunbari" = Pseudozygopleura plummeri8, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) semicostata" = Pseudozygopleura semicostata9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) girtyi" = Pseudozygopleura girtyi9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) deloi" = Pseudozygopleura deloi9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) eximia" = Pseudozygopleura eximia9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) palus n. sp." = Pseudozygopleura palus8, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) contractus" = Pseudozygopleura contractus8, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pulchra" = Pseudozygopleura pulchra9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pluricostata" = Pseudozygopleura pluricostata9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) variegata" = Pseudozygopleura variegata9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) tenuivirga" = Pseudozygopleura tenuivirga9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) funis" = Pseudozygopleura funis8, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) scitula" = Pseudozygopleura scitula9, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) acuminata" = Pseudozygopleura acuminata9, Cyclozyga attenuata3, Microptychis occabus n. sp.7, Microptychis turbineus7, Microptychis expetendus7, "Gamizyga (Gamizyga) corpulentissima" = Gamizyga corpulentissima6, "Gamizyga (Gamizyga) girtyi n. sp." = Gamizyga girtyi6, Hemizyga (Hypanthozyga) sp.5, "Hemizyga (Hemizyga) cf. illineata" = Hemizyga illineata5, "Hemizyga (Hemizyga) cf. elegans" = Hemizyga elegans5
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) delicata" = Plocezyga delicata6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) conica" = Plocezyga conica6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) lineata" = Plocezyga lineata6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) intermedia" = Plocezyga intermedia6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) excellens" = Plocezyga excellens6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) knighti" = Hyphantozyga knighti6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) pulchra" = Hyphantozyga pulchra6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) perattenuata" = Hyphantozyga perattenuata6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
Helminthozyga undulata n. sp.5 Hoare and Sturgeon 1978 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) inornata" = Levizygopleura inornata9 Knight 1930 snail
"Microptychis williamsi" = Levizygopleura williamsi7 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) sinuosior" = Pseudozygopleura sinuosior9 Knight 1930 snail
Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pinquicula9 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) assertonsoris" = Pseudozygopleura assertonsoris9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) angustata" = Pseudozygopleura angustata9 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. dunbari" = Pseudozygopleura plummeri8 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) semicostata" = Pseudozygopleura semicostata9 Meek 1871 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) girtyi" = Pseudozygopleura girtyi9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) deloi" = Pseudozygopleura deloi9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) eximia" = Pseudozygopleura eximia9 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) palus n. sp." = Pseudozygopleura palus8 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) contractus" = Pseudozygopleura contractus8 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pulchra" = Pseudozygopleura pulchra9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pluricostata" = Pseudozygopleura pluricostata9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) variegata" = Pseudozygopleura variegata9 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) tenuivirga" = Pseudozygopleura tenuivirga9 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) funis" = Pseudozygopleura funis8 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) scitula" = Pseudozygopleura scitula9 Meek and Worthen 1860 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) acuminata" = Pseudozygopleura acuminata9 Knight 1930 snail
Cyclozyga attenuata3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1978 snail
Microptychis occabus n. sp.7 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
Microptychis turbineus7 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
Microptychis expetendus7 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"Gamizyga (Gamizyga) corpulentissima" = Gamizyga corpulentissima6 Knight 1930 snail
"Gamizyga (Gamizyga) girtyi n. sp." = Gamizyga girtyi6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
Hemizyga (Hypanthozyga) sp.5 Girty 1915 snail
"Hemizyga (Hemizyga) cf. illineata" = Hemizyga illineata5 Knight 1930 snail
pl. 1 f. 7
"Hemizyga (Hemizyga) cf. elegans" = Hemizyga elegans5 Girty 1915 snail
pl. 1 f. 5-6
 Cerithimorpha - Orthonemidae
Spiromphalus pervius n. sp.3, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) marvinwelleri" = Palaeostylus (Palaeostylus) marvinwelleri8
Spiromphalus pervius n. sp.3 Hoare 1980 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) marvinwelleri" = Palaeostylus (Palaeostylus) marvinwelleri8 Knight 1930 snail
 Heterostropha - Donaldinidae
"Donaldina quadroliratus n. sp." = Royalella quadrolirata1, "Donaldina conditi" = Royalella swallowiana1
"Donaldina quadroliratus n. sp." = Royalella quadrolirata1 Anderson et al. 1990 snail
"Donaldina conditi" = Royalella swallowiana1 Geinitz 1866 snail
 Murchisoniina - Palaeozygopleuridae
Sturgeonospira tortula n. gen. n. sp.3
Sturgeonospira tortula n. gen. n. sp.3 Hoare 1980 snail
 Neoloricata - Lepidopleuridae
Pterochiton carbonarius Stevens 1858 chiton