Starokoltaevo I (Locality 8) (Triassic of Russian Federation)

Also known as Koltayevo I

Where: Bashkortostan, Russian Federation (52.4° N, 55.6° E: paleocoordinates 36.0° N, 40.1° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Berdyankian other zone, Bukobay Formation, Ladinian (242.0 - 237.0 Ma)

• Bukobay Gorizont is considered by Shishkin et al. (2000) to be Ladinian in age and approximately equivalent to the Lettenk√∂hle of Germany; overlies the Donguz Gorizont

•Bukobay is the characteristic assemblage for the Berdyankian Land-Vertebrate Faunachron (LVF) (see Lucas 2010)

Environment/lithology: "channel"; medium-grained, gray sandstone

• "Channel deposits and tributary channels"
• "Grey, medium-grained sandstone"

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the PIN

Primary reference: V. P. Tverdokhlebov, G. I. Tverdokhlebova, M. V. Surkov and M. J. Benton. 2003. Tetrapod localities from the Triassic of the SE of European Russia. Earth-Science Reviews 60(1-2):1-66 [J. Mueller/T. Liebrecht/B. Allen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 79970: authorized by Johannes Mueller, entered by Jana Dummasch on 31.03.2008, edited by Torsten Liebrecht and Richard Butler

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• The material from Starokoltaevo I (Bukobay Svita, Ladinian) and Starokoltaevo III (Donguz Svita, Anisian) seems to have been confused in several publications - here the assignments in Tverdokhlebov et al. (2003) are followed.

•Shishkin et al. (2000) list the holotype material of Plagiosternum paraboliceps as being from Starokoltaevo I; however, this appears to be an error because they also list this taxon as coming from the Bukobay Gorizont. Furthermore they list Plagiosternum danilovi as from Statokoltaevo IV, but this also appears to be in error; Plagiosternum danilovi is listed as from Starokoltaevo I by Tverdokhlebov et al. (2003)

•The records of Chalishevia & Energosuchus were listed as Starkoltaevo III by Gower & Sennikov (2000) but this appears to be in error

•Records of Elephantosaurus and Elatosaurus were listed as Starkoltaevo III by Battail & Surkov (2000)

 Temnospondyli -
Mastodonsaurus torvus n. sp.4 Konzhukova 1955 tetrapod
PIN 415/1-4, mandible
 Temnospondyli - Plagiosauridae
Plagioscutum caspiense, "Plagiosternum paraboliceps n. sp." = Plagiorophus paraboliceps3
Plagioscutum caspiense Shishkin 1986 tetrapod
"Plagiosternum paraboliceps n. sp." = Plagiorophus paraboliceps3 Konzhukova 1955 tetrapod
PIN 415/5 (holotype)
 Dicynodontia -
Elephantosaurus jachimovitschi1 Vjuschkov 1969 dicynodont
PIN 525/25, fragment of skull roof
 Diapsida - Erythrosuchidae
Chalishevia sp.2 Ochev 1980 archosauromorph
PIN 2867/18 (formerly SGU 104/3862), nasal
 Loricata - Rauisuchidae
Energosuchus garjainovi2 Ochev 1986 rauisuchid
PIN 2867/19, femur