Abrahamskraal, Prince Albert (Permian of South Africa)

Also known as Farm Abrahamskraal

Where: Western Cape, South Africa (32.9° S, 22.0° E: paleocoordinates 59.8° S, 35.4° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Tapinocephalus Assemblage zone, Abrahamskraal Formation (Beaufort Group), Capitanian (265.1 - 259.9 Ma)

• "Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone, Late Permian" (Dilkes & Reisz, 1996);

•The Tapinocephalus AZ is Capitanian in age according to Catuneanu et al. (2005, J. Afr. Earth Sci., 43). Lithostratigraphic informations are from Catuneanu et al. (2005) as well.

• member-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: "floodplain"; sandstone and claystone

• " [...] deposited mainly by overbank flooding of large meandering rivers of variable sinuosity, draining an extensive alluvial plain [...]" (Catuneanu et al., 2005).
• "fining-upward succession of sandstones and purple mudstones containing numerous thin chert bands and rich tetrapod faunas" (general lithology description of the Abrahamskraal Fm. in Catuneanu et al., 2005, J. Afr. Earth Sci. 43)

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the TMP

• SAM = Iziko South African Museum, Cape Town

Primary reference: D. W. Dilkes and R. R. Reisz. 1996. First record of a basal synapsid (‘mammal-like reptile’) in Gondwana. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 263:1165-1170 [J. Mueller/T. Liebrecht]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 86388: authorized by Johannes Mueller, entered by Torsten Liebrecht on 01.02.2009, edited by Richard Butler, Juan Benito Moreno and Bethany Allen

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• "This locality has also yielded the abundant remains of morphologically and presumably palaeoecologically diverse therapsid taxa (Kitching 1977)." (Dilkes & Reisz, 1996).
 Procolophonia -
"Brachypareia watsoni n. sp." = Nochelesaurus alexanderi1, "Dolichopareia angusta" = Nochelesaurus alexanderi1, Bradysaurus angusta8, Bradysaurus strubeni8, Bradysaurus baini6, "Bradysaurus vanderbyli n. sp." = Bradysaurus seeleyi6
"Brachypareia watsoni n. sp." = Nochelesaurus alexanderi1 Haughton and Boonstra 1929 parareptile
"Dolichopareia angusta" = Nochelesaurus alexanderi1 Haughton and Boonstra 1929 parareptile
Bradysaurus angusta8 parareptile
Bradysaurus strubeni8 parareptile
Bradysaurus baini6 Seeley 1892 parareptile
SAM 4347 (not mentioned by Lee, 1997) + one skull reposited in Tübingen, Germany (see v. Huene, 1931, Geol. Paläont. Abh. N.F. 18)
"Bradysaurus vanderbyli n. sp." = Bradysaurus seeleyi6 Haughton and Boonstra 1929 parareptile
SAM 3718 (type)
 Theromorpha - Styracocephalidae
Styracocephalus platyrhynchus9 Haughton 1929 reptile
SAM 9346, posterior portion of skull roof and separate portion with heeled incisor teeth
 Gorgodontia -
"Eoarctops vanderbyli n. gen. n. sp." = Eriphostoma microdon5, "Galesuchus gracilis n. gen. n. sp." = Eriphostoma microdon4
"Eoarctops vanderbyli n. gen. n. sp." = Eriphostoma microdon5 Broom 1911 reptile
SAM-PK-5598 (holotype)
"Galesuchus gracilis n. gen. n. sp." = Eriphostoma microdon4 Broom 1911 reptile
SAM-PK-2754 (holotype)
 Gorgodontia - Tapinocephalidae
Keratocephalus moloch n. sp.8, "Criocephalus vanderbyli n. sp." = Criocephalosaurus vanderbyli8, Struthiocephalus intermedius8, "Struthiocephalus whaitsi" = Struthiocephalus whaitsi8, "Struthiocephalellus parvus n. sp." = Struthiocephalus whaitsi1, Taurocephalus lerouxi n. sp.8
Keratocephalus moloch n. sp.8 von Huene 1931 reptile
"Criocephalus vanderbyli n. sp." = Criocephalosaurus vanderbyli8 Broom 1928 reptile
"Struthiocephalus whaitsi" = Struthiocephalus whaitsi8 Haughton 1915 reptile
"Struthiocephalellus parvus n. sp." = Struthiocephalus whaitsi1 Haughton 1915 reptile
Taurocephalus lerouxi n. sp.8 Broom 1928 reptile
AMNH 5655 (holotype), skull
 Gorgodontia - Anteosauridae
Anteosaurus magnificus8 Watson 1921 reptile
 Gorgodontia - Titanosuchidae
Jonkeria koupensis8, "Jonkeria truculenta" = Jonkeria truculenta8, "Phoneosuchus angusticeps n. sp." = Jonkeria truculenta1, Jonkeria vanderbyli n. sp.8, Dinopolus atrox n. sp.8, Titanosuchus cloetei8, Titanosuchus dubius n. sp.8, Dinartamus vanderbyli n. gen. n. sp.8, Titanosuchus strubeni8, "Titanosuchus ferox" = Titanosuchus ferox8, "Scapanodon duplessisi" = Titanosuchus ferox2
Jonkeria koupensis8 Boonstra 1955 reptile
"Jonkeria truculenta" = Jonkeria truculenta8 van Hoepen 1914 reptile
"Phoneosuchus angusticeps n. sp." = Jonkeria truculenta1 van Hoepen 1914 reptile
Jonkeria vanderbyli n. sp.8 Broom 1929 reptile
Dinopolus atrox n. sp.8 Broom 1936 reptile
Titanosuchus cloetei8 Broom 1903 reptile
Titanosuchus dubius n. sp.8 Haughton 1915 reptile
Dinartamus vanderbyli n. gen. n. sp.8 Broom 1923 reptile
"Titanosuchus ferox" = Titanosuchus ferox8 Owen 1879 reptile
"Scapanodon duplessisi" = Titanosuchus ferox2 Owen 1879 reptile
 Therapsida -
"Dicynodon pseudojouberti" = Diictodon pseudojouberti8
"Dicynodon pseudojouberti" = Diictodon pseudojouberti8 Boonstra 1948 dicynodont
 Therapsida - Pylaecephalidae
"Dicynodon jouberti" = Diictodon feliceps8, Robertia broomiana7
"Dicynodon jouberti" = Diictodon feliceps8 Owen 1876 dicynodont
Robertia broomiana7 Boonstra 1948 dicynodont
SAM-PK-3354, a skull
 Therocephalia - Lycosuchidae
Trochorhinus vanhoepeni8 Broom 1936 therapsid
Trochosaurus intermedius n. sp.1 Haughton 1913 therapsid
Trochosaurus major8 Broom 1932 therapsid
 Therocephalia - Pristerognathidae
Lycedops scholtzi n. sp.8 Broom 1936 therapsid
Pristerognathus vanderbyli n. sp.8 Broom 1936 therapsid
Alopecognathus megalops n. sp.8 Broom 1937 therapsid
Scymnosaurus sp.8 Broom 1903 therapsid
 Therocephalia - Alopecodontidae
"Alopecodon priscus" = Alopecodon priscus8, "Alopecodon minor n. sp." = Alopecodon priscus1
"Alopecodon priscus" = Alopecodon priscus8 Broom therapsid
"Alopecodon minor n. sp." = Alopecodon priscus1 Broom therapsid
 Synapsida - Varanopidae
Elliotsmithia longiceps n. gen. n. sp.3
Elliotsmithia longiceps n. gen. n. sp.3 Broom 1937 synapsid
TMP 1483 (type)