Killey Bridge Fm. locality 1, NE of Pomeroy (Ordovician of the United Kingdom)

Also known as locality 3 of Mitchell (1977), locality 2 of Portlock (1843), Tirnaskea

Where: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (54.6° N, 6.9° W: paleocoordinates 18.7° S, 26.9° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Killey Bridge Formation, Richmondian (449.6 - 445.5 Ma)

• According to fig. 2 in Evans (1993) the Killey Bridge Fm. spans the Richmondian (Cautleyan and Rawtheyan) stage.

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: offshore; micaceous, calcareous mudstone and micaceous, calcareous siltstone

• see comments on taphonomy
• "The Killey Bridge Formation consists of micaceous mudstones and siltstones which may in some cases be calcareous [...]."

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: cast

Collection methods: BELUM = Ulster Museum, Belfast

•GSM = British Geological Survey

•TCD = Trinity College, Dublin

•NMINGF = National Museum of Ireland

•"As much of the material used in the study comes from museum collections, unknown biases may be built into the observations made [...]. This results from selective collecting in the past and leads to an over-abundance of certain taxa in the fauna [...]. It may also lead to a distorted interpretation of preservational modes and taphonomy. " (Evans, 1993).

Primary reference: D. H. Evans. 1993. The Cephalopod Fauna of the Killey Bridge Formation (Ordovician, Ashgill), Pomeroy, County Tyrone. Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 12:155-189 [B. Kröger/T. Liebrecht]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 89260: authorized by Björn Kröger, entered by Torsten Liebrecht on 13.05.2009, edited by Björn Kröger and Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Among trace fossils Zoophycos is reported to be present occasionally.
 Orthoceratoidea -
Orthocerida "indet. pomeroense" Kuhn 1940
GSM 103480, 103481 (syntypes of Orthoceras pomeroense Portlock), GSM unnumbered (possible syntype of O. pomeroense), GSM 103483; BELUM K4388 (both are syntypes of Orthoceras complanatoseptum Portlock)
Orthocerida "indet. pseudospeciosum" Kuhn 1940
GSM 103464 (syntype of Koleoceras pseudospeciosum Portlock); BELUM K4368
 Orthocerida - Proteoceratidae
"Orthoceras subcostatus n. sp." = Isorthoceras subcostatum, "Orthoceras gracile n. sp." = Gorbyoceras gracile, "Gorbyoceras gracile" = Gorbyoceras gracile
"Orthoceras subcostatus n. sp." = Isorthoceras subcostatum Portlock 1843
repository and whereabouts of original type specimen(s) unknown
"Orthoceras gracile n. sp." = Gorbyoceras gracile Portlock 1843
GSM 104393 (lectotype), 103494 (paratype)
"Gorbyoceras gracile" = Gorbyoceras gracile Portlock 1843
GSM 103497 (figured as Orthoceras tubicinella var. subnodosum by Portlock, 1843, holotype of subspecies), 103496, 103498 (both figured as O. tubicinella by Portlock, 1843, and/or Blake, 1882), 103499, 103501 (both assigned to O. calamiteum by Portlock, 1837, 1843), 103466 (probably syntype of Koleoceras pseudo-speciosum Portlock), 103500, 103995; BELUM K4362, K4364, K20634, K20635a, K20638; RSM 1870.12.348a + b; TCD 7392, 7843
 Orthocerida - Orthoceratidae
"Orthoceras subundulatum n. sp." = Imbricatoceras subundulatum, Orthoceras expansum n. sp.
"Orthoceras subundulatum n. sp." = Imbricatoceras subundulatum Portlock 1843
GSM 54308 (type, provenance not certain), listed as Tyrioceras? subundulatum in the reference
Orthoceras expansum n. sp. Blake 1882
GSM 103511 (type); specimen is listed as syntype of Orthoceras tenuicinctum in Portlock (1843)
 Endocerida - Endoceratidae
"Orthoceras perannulatum n. sp." = Endoceras perannulatum, "Endoceras perannulatum" = Endoceras perannulatum
"Orthoceras perannulatum n. sp." = Endoceras perannulatum Portlock 1843
GSM 103545 (hololectotype), 103546, 103547, 104153; BELUM K4385 (all are paralectotypes), all(?) figured in Portlock (1843) or in Blake (1882)
"Endoceras perannulatum" = Endoceras perannulatum Portlock 1843
TCD 7885 (provenance not certain)
 Oncocerida - Diestoceratidae
Diestoceras "sp. 1", Diestoceras "sp. 2", "Orthoceras breviconum n. sp." = Diestoceras breviconum, "Diestoceras breviconum" = Diestoceras breviconum, "Phragmoceras inaequiseptum n. sp." = Diestoceras inaequiseptum
Diestoceras "sp. 1" Foerste 1924
GSM 103527 (figured as Gomphoceras subpyriforme in Portlock 1843 and mentioned as Poteriocers(?) intortum in Blake, 1882), 103528 (mentioned as Poterioceras(?) intortum in Blake, 1882); NMINGF 14762 (provenance not certain)
Diestoceras "sp. 2" Foerste 1924
GSM 103475 (listed as paralectotype of Orthoceras subarctuatum in Portlock, 1843)
"Orthoceras breviconum n. sp." = Diestoceras breviconum Portlock 1843
GSM 103476 (type)
"Diestoceras breviconum" = Diestoceras breviconum Portlock 1843
BELUM K4386, 4387 (provenance uncertain)
"Phragmoceras inaequiseptum n. sp." = Diestoceras inaequiseptum Portlock 1843
GSM 103486 (type), listed as Diestoceras? inaequisetpum in the reference
 Ascocerida -
Ascocerida indet. Kuhn 1949
GSM 7772 (figured as Phragmoceras? in Portlock, 1843), 103470 (possibly formerly referred or even type specimen of Phragmoceras inaequiseprum, but unlikely)
 Ascocerida - Probillingsitidae
? Probillingsites sp. Foerste 1928
GSM 103472, specimen referred to Phragmoceras arcuatum? by Portlock (1843) and to Cyrtoceras inaequiseptum by Blake (1882)
 Ascocerida - Ascoceratidae
Billingsites sp. Hyatt 1864
TCD 7830 (specimen labelled Poterioceras approximatum, provenance uncertain)
 Multiceratoidea - Apsidoceratidae
"? Trochoceras cinereum n. sp." = Charactoceras cinereum
"? Trochoceras cinereum n. sp." = Charactoceras cinereum Blake 1882
GSM 103522 (type), 103523, 103524 (figured as Phragmoceras compressum? in Portlock, 1843), 103525; all listed as Charactoceras? cinereum in the reference
 Discosorida -
? Discosorida indet. Flower 1950
BELUM K4374 (provenance not certain)
 Discosorida - Westonoceratidae
"Orthoceras subarctuatum n. sp." = Faberoceras subarctuatum
"Orthoceras subarctuatum n. sp." = Faberoceras subarctuatum Portlock 1843
GSM 103474 (type), listed as Faberoceras? subarctuatum in the reference
 Rhynchonellida - Rhynchotrematidae
Rhynchotrema cf. plicatum1 Cooper and Kindle 1936
 Orthida - Dicoelosiidae
Dicoelosia simulata1 Mitchell 1977
 Orthida - Dalmanellidae
Dalmanella testudinaria1 Dalman 1828
Dalmanella testudinaria transversa
 Orthida - Tyronellidae
Tyronella killeyensis1 Mitchell 1977
 Orthida - Hesperorthidae
Lordorthis sp.1 Ross 1959
Dolerorthis intercostata1 de Sowerby and Murchison 1839
 Orthida - Cremnorthidae
Cremnorthis sp.1 Williams 1963
 Atrypida - Cyclospiridae
Cyclospira nana1, "Protozyga cf. perplexa" = Cyclospira perplexa1
Cyclospira nana1 Davidson 1869
"Protozyga cf. perplexa" = Cyclospira perplexa1 Williams 1962
 Atrypida - Atrypidae
 Protorthida - Skenidiidae
 Strophomenida - Sowerbyellidae
 Strophomenida - Christianiidae
Christiania portlocki1 Mitchell 1977
 Strophomenida - Aegiromenidae
Chonetoidea radiatula1 Barrande 1879
 Strophomenida - Leptestiidae
"Leangella discuneata" = Diambonia discuneata1
"Leangella discuneata" = Diambonia discuneata1 Lamont 1935
 Strophomenida - Bimuriidae
Bimuria sp.1 Ulrich and Cooper 1942
 Strophomenida - Hesperomenidae
Trimurellina superba1 Mitchell 1977
 Strophomenida - Eopholidostrophiidae
 Strophomenida - Strophomenidae
Gunnarella corrugatella1 Portlock 1843
Actinomena sp.1 Opik 1930
 Strophomenida - Glyptomenidae
Glyptomeninae indet.1 Williams 1965
Mjoesina moorei1 Mitchell 1977
Platymena sp.1 Cooper 1956
 Strophomenida - Furcitellidae
Luhaia sp.1 Roomusoks 1956
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
Leptaena rugosa1 Dalman 1828
 Strophomenida - Stropheodontidae
Origostrophia fragilis1 Mitchell 1977
 Billingsellida - Gonambonitidae
Kullervo sp.1 Opik 1932
 Acrotretida - Acrotretidae
Hisingerella sp.1 Henningsmoen 1948
 Lingulida - Obolidae
"Lingulella brevis" = Palaeoglossa attenuata1, Pachyglossella sp.1
"Lingulella brevis" = Palaeoglossa attenuata1 Sowerby 1839
Pachyglossella sp.1 Cooper 1960
 Lingulida - Paterulidae
Paterula sp.1 Barrande 1879
 Lingulida - Discinidae
 Craniida - Craniidae
Petrocrania sp.1 Raymond 1910
 Craniopsida - Craniopsidae
"Paracraniops cf. pararia" = Paracraniops pararius1
"Paracraniops cf. pararia" = Paracraniops pararius1 Williams 1962