Pulkovo, Asaphus raniceps (Ordovician of Russian Federation)

Where: City of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (59.8° N, 30.3° E: paleocoordinates 36.0° S, 0.6° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Asaphus raniceps trilobite zone, Kunda (468.1 - 463.5 Ma)

• exact stratigraphic horizon is not given;

•Given other information, this is almost certainly the Obukhovo formation.

•Jaanusson & Bassetts specimens are from "Voka Beds", BIIIbeta

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: wackestone and packstone

• light grey bioclastic limestone (wackestone to packstone) interbedded with bluish grey clay. The limestone contains numerous cephalopod shells.

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: D. E. Evans and J.C.W. Cope. 2003. Systematic position of Pollicina corniculum (Eichwald, 1860) (Mollusca, Tergomya) from the Middle Ordovician of the United Kingdom. Palaeontology 46(1):139-149 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 89463: authorized by Björn Kröger, entered by Torsten Liebrecht on 22.05.2009, edited by Pete Wagner and Björn Kröger

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Catalogue numbers given for the specimens of Cyrtolithes corniculum sp. nov. Eichwald refer to the Museum of the Department of Historical Geology, St. Petersburg University, E. Eichwald collection.

•Koken's B3 snails put here.

 Orthida - Orthidae
 Mimospirida - Clisospiridae
Clisospira ingrica n. sp.2 Koken 1897
 Trochonematoidea - Lophospiridae
"Worthenia initialis n. sp." = Lophospira milleri2, "Gonionema gradatum" = Proturritella bicarinata2, "Polytropis cingulata n. sp." = Proturritella cingulata2
"Worthenia initialis n. sp." = Lophospira milleri2 Miller 1877 snail
"Gonionema gradatum" = Proturritella bicarinata2 Wahlenberg 1821 snail
"Polytropis cingulata n. sp." = Proturritella cingulata2 Koken 1896 snail
 Euomphalina - Lesueurillidae
"Raphistoma qualteriata" = Pararaphistoma qualteriata2
"Raphistoma qualteriata" = Pararaphistoma qualteriata2 von Schlotheim 1820 snail
 Bellerophontida - Sinuitidae
Sinuites naviculoides2 Koken 1896 snail
Sinuites nanus2 d'Eichwald 1842 snail
 Bellerophontida - Plectonotidae
"Bucaniella decurrens" = Tetranota decurrens2, "Bucaniella silurica" = Tetranota silurica2
"Bucaniella decurrens" = Tetranota decurrens2 d'Eichwald 1860 snail
"Bucaniella silurica" = Tetranota silurica2 d'Eichwald 1840 snail
 Bellerophontida - Tropidodiscidae
Temnodiscus secans n. sp.2 Koken 1897 snail
Temnodiscus ingricus n. sp.2 Koken and Perner 1925 snail
 Murchisoniina - Straparollinidae
"? Holopea nitida" = Straparollina nitida2
"? Holopea nitida" = Straparollina nitida2 Koken and Perner 1925 snail
 Murchisoniina - Phanerotrematidae
Brachytomaria plautini n. sp.2 Koken and Perner 1925 snail
 Murchisoniina - Gosseletinidae
"Mourlonia mjoesa n. sp." = Deacheospira mjoesa2
"Mourlonia mjoesa n. sp." = Deacheospira mjoesa2 Yochelson 1963 snail
 Cyrtonellida - Pollicinidae
"Cyrtolithes corniculum n. sp." = Pollicina corniculum
"Cyrtolithes corniculum n. sp." = Pollicina corniculum d'Eichwald 1860
4/22 (hololectotype), 4/23 (paralectotype); both specimens have been assigned to Cyrtoceras laeve by Eichwald (1842)