Bloukrans (Prince Albert District) (Permian of South Africa)

Also known as Bloukrantz, Blaaukranz

Where: Western Cape, South Africa (33.0° S, 22.0° E: paleocoordinates 59.8° S, 35.6° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Tapinocephalus or Pristerognathus Assemblage zone, Abrahamskraal Formation (Beaufort Group), Capitanian (265.1 - 259.9 Ma)

• "This locality is considered to be low in the Beaufort Group (middle of the 'Tapinocephalus zone,' Upper Permian) [...] " (Reisz & Dilkes, 1992). The middle Tapinocephalus Zone corresponds to the transition of the Tapinocephalus and Pristerognathus Assemblage Zones of Rubidge et al. (1995, South African Committee for Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphic Series No. 1).

•Both Tapinocephalus and Pristerognathus AZs are Capitanian according to Catuneanu et al. (2005, J. Afr. Earth Sci. 43). Since the locality is west of 24°E it very likely is within the Abrahamskraal Fm. (cf. Catuneanu et al., 2005 figs. 24, 25).

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; lithology not reported

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the TMP

Collection methods: mechanical,

• Specimen was poorly preserved already but was further badly damaged by serial sectioning using a relatively thick saw blade (Reisz & Dilkes, 1992).

•TMP = Transvaal Museum, Pretoria

Primary reference: J. W. Kitching. 1977. The distribution of the Karroo vertebrate fauna. Memoirs of the Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research 1:1-131 [H. Sims/J. Camp]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 89650: authorized by Johannes Mueller, entered by Torsten Liebrecht on 11.06.2009, edited by Juan Benito Moreno and Bethany Allen

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Reisz & Dilkes (1992) state that the locality "has yielded, in addition to A. megalops, several therapsids, including Dicynodon, Titanosuchus, Tapinocephalus, and three pristerognathid therocephalians."
 Temnospondyli - Rhinesuchidae
Rhinesuchus whaitsi1 Broom 1908 tetrapod
 Procolophonia -
 Gorgodontia - Tapinocephalidae
"Tapinocephalus atherstonei" = Tapinocephalus atherstonii
"Tapinocephalus atherstonei" = Tapinocephalus atherstonii Owen 1876 reptile
 Gorgodontia - Titanosuchidae
"Titanosuchus ferox" = Titanosuchus ferox, "Parascapanodon avifontis" = Titanosuchus ferox1
"Titanosuchus ferox" = Titanosuchus ferox Owen 1879 reptile
"Parascapanodon avifontis" = Titanosuchus ferox1 Owen 1879 reptile
 Therapsida -
Dicynodon megalorhinus Broom 1904 dicynodont
 Therapsida - Pylaecephalidae
"Dicynodon haughtonianus n. sp." = Diictodon feliceps2, "Dicynodon jouberti" = Diictodon feliceps
"Dicynodon haughtonianus n. sp." = Diictodon feliceps2 Owen 1876 dicynodont
GPIT unumbered, well preserved partial skull and lower jaws
"Dicynodon jouberti" = Diictodon feliceps Owen 1876 dicynodont
 Therocephalia - Pristerognathidae
Cynariognathus sp. Broom 1931 therapsid
Pristerognathoides parvus Boonstra 1954 therapsid
Pristerognathoides vanwyki n. sp. Broom 1925 therapsid
Pristerognathoides minor Haughton 1918 therapsid
Alopecognathus angusticeps Broom 1915 therapsid
 Synapsida - Varanopidae
Anningia megalops n. gen. n. sp.3
Anningia megalops n. gen. n. sp.3 Broom 1927 synapsid
TMP N. 4024 (type)