Watton Cliff, Dorset, oyster-belemnite bed [Frome Clay Fm] (Jurassic of the United Kingdom)

Where: England, United Kingdom (51.9° N, 0.1° W: paleocoordinates 41.4° N, 10.1° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Frome Clay Formation, Bathonian (168.3 - 166.1 Ma)

• STRATIGRAPHIC RELATIONS: From the Frome Clay Fm, for which lithostratigraphic relations are not discussed. AGE: Bathonian; presumably on the basis of ammonite biostratigraphy. STRATIGRAPHIC POSITION: From the oyster-belemnite bed of the Frome Clay Fm

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; claystone


Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the BMNH

Collection methods: bulk,

• COLLECTOR: Presumably the authors, Underwood and Ward. REPOSITORY: BMNH, London.

Primary reference: C. J. Underwood and D. J. Ward. 2004. Neoselachian sharks and rays from the British Bathonian (Middle Jurassic). Palaeontology 47(3):447-501 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 91450: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 27.09.2009

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COVERAGE: Exhaustive for chondrichthyans. NOMENCLATURE: Authoritative publication, with modern nomenclature, and species-resolution identifications.
 Rajiformes - Rhinobatidae
Spathobatis delsatei Underwood and Ward 2004 guitarfish
Belemnobatis kermacki n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 guitarfish
 Euselachii - Protospinacidae
Protospinax bilobatus n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 elasmobranch
 Carchariniformes - Proscylliidae
Eypea leesi Underwood and Ward 2004 ground shark
 Euselachii -
Orectolobiformes indet. Applegate 1972 carpet shark
 Orectolobiformes -
Dorsetoscyllium terreafullonicum n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 carpet shark
Ornatoscyllium freemani n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 carpet shark
Palaeobrachaelurus mussetti n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 carpet shark
 Synechodontiformes - Palaeospinacidae
Synechodus duffini n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 elasmobranch
Synechodus cf. levis Woodward 1889 elasmobranch
 Hexanchiformes - Pseudonotidanidae
Pseudonotidanus semirugosus n. sp. Underwood and Ward 2004 elasmobranch
 Hexanchiformes -
? Paranotidanus sp. Ward and Thies 1987 elasmobranch
 Euselachii -
Galea indet. Shirai 1996 elasmobranch