Ss-4. Abandoned D&M Coal Co. strip mine. 4.8 kilometers west of Malvern (Carboniferous of the United States)

Where: Stark County, Ohio (40.7° N, 81.2° W: paleocoordinates 7.7° S, 19.0° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Beedeina novamexicana foram zone, Columbiana Member (Allegheny Formation), Desmoinesian (313.8 - 305.9 Ma)

• Middle Desmoinesian

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; shale and limestone

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the OSU, USNM

• Specimens collected from shale on the spoil banks.

Primary reference: R. D. Hoare and M. T. Sturgeon. 1978. The Pennyslvanian gastropod genera Cyclozyga and Helminthozyga and the classification of the Pseudozygopleuridae. Journal of Paleontology 52(4):850-858 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 93081: authorized by Pete Wagner, entered by Pete Wagner on 28.12.2009

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Prosobranchia - Pseudozygopleuridae
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) delicata" = Plocezyga delicata3, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) subnodosa" = Plocezyga subnodosa3, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) conica" = Plocezyga conica3, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) perminuta" = Plocezyga perminuta3, "Gamizyga (Plocezyga) intermedia" = Plocezyga intermedia3, "Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) perattenuata" = Hyphantozyga perattenuata3, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) inornata" = Levizygopleura inornata8, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) sinuosior" = Pseudozygopleura sinuosior6, Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. pagoda5, Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) peoriense6, Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pinquicula6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) assertonsoris" = Pseudozygopleura assertonsoris6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. dunbari" = Pseudozygopleura plummeri5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pyrgozyga) dunbari n. sp." = Pseudozygopleura plummeri7, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. schucherti" = Pseudozygopleura schucherti6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. macra" = Pseudozygopleura macra6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. deloi" = Pseudozygopleura deloi6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. kellettae" = Pseudozygopleura kellettae6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) eximia" = Pseudozygopleura eximia6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) contractus" = Pseudozygopleura contractus5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. pulchra" = Pseudozygopleura pulchra6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. pluricostata" = Pseudozygopleura pluricostata6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. multicostata" = Pseudozygopleura multicostata6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) variegata" = Pseudozygopleura variegata6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) tenuivirga" = Pseudozygopleura tenuivirga6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) subulatus" = Pseudozygopleura subulatus5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. funis" = Pseudozygopleura funis5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) scitula" = Pseudozygopleura scitula6, "Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. acuminata" = Pseudozygopleura acuminata6, Cyclozyga attenuata n. sp., Cyclozyga mirabilis, Microptychis turbineus4, "? Gamizyga (Gamizyga) attenuata" = Hemizyga attenuata3
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) delicata" = Plocezyga delicata3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) subnodosa" = Plocezyga subnodosa3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) conica" = Plocezyga conica3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) perminuta" = Plocezyga perminuta3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Plocezyga) intermedia" = Plocezyga intermedia3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Gamizyga (Hyphantozyga) perattenuata" = Hyphantozyga perattenuata3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) inornata" = Levizygopleura inornata8 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) sinuosior" = Pseudozygopleura sinuosior6 Knight 1930 snail
Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) pinquicula6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) assertonsoris" = Pseudozygopleura assertonsoris6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. dunbari" = Pseudozygopleura plummeri5 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pyrgozyga) dunbari n. sp." = Pseudozygopleura plummeri7 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. schucherti" = Pseudozygopleura schucherti6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. macra" = Pseudozygopleura macra6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. deloi" = Pseudozygopleura deloi6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. kellettae" = Pseudozygopleura kellettae6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) eximia" = Pseudozygopleura eximia6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) contractus" = Pseudozygopleura contractus5 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. pulchra" = Pseudozygopleura pulchra6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. pluricostata" = Pseudozygopleura pluricostata6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. multicostata" = Pseudozygopleura multicostata6 Meek and Worthen 1862 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) variegata" = Pseudozygopleura variegata6 Hoare and Sturgeon 1985 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) tenuivirga" = Pseudozygopleura tenuivirga6 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) subulatus" = Pseudozygopleura subulatus5 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. funis" = Pseudozygopleura funis5 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) scitula" = Pseudozygopleura scitula6 Meek and Worthen 1860 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cf. acuminata" = Pseudozygopleura acuminata6 Knight 1930 snail
Cyclozyga attenuata n. sp. Hoare and Sturgeon 1978 snail
Cyclozyga mirabilis Knight 1930 snail
Microptychis turbineus4 Hoare and Sturgeon 1981 snail
"? Gamizyga (Gamizyga) attenuata" = Hemizyga attenuata3 Hoare and Sturgeon 1980 snail
 Cerithimorpha - Orthonemidae
Spiromphalus pervius2, "Pseudozygopleura (Leptozyga) minuta" = Leptozyga minuta5, "Pseudozygopleura (Pyrgozyga) marvinwelleri" = Palaeostylus (Palaeostylus) marvinwelleri5
Spiromphalus pervius2 Hoare 1980 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Leptozyga) minuta" = Leptozyga minuta5 Knight 1930 snail
"Pseudozygopleura (Pyrgozyga) marvinwelleri" = Palaeostylus (Palaeostylus) marvinwelleri5 Knight 1930 snail
 Heterostropha - Donaldinidae
"Donaldina quadroliratus" = Royalella quadrolirata1
"Donaldina quadroliratus" = Royalella quadrolirata1 Anderson et al. 1990 snail