Cerithium (Tympanotonus) Schumacher 1817 (cerith snail)

Gastropoda - Sorbeoconcha - Cerithiidae

Alternative spellings: Potamides (Tympanotonus), Tympanotomus, Tympanotonus

Parent taxon: Cerithium according to Kranz 1910

See also Dockery 1993, Vredenburg 1925 and Vredenburg 1928

Sister taxa: Cerithium columna, Cerithium (Cerithium), Cerithium (Chondrocerithium), Cerithium (Contumax), Cerithium (Horizostoma), Cerithium (Nigerithium), Cerithium (Perucerithium), Cerithium (Uchauxia), Cerithium abietiforme, Cerithium acicula, Cerithium acuticosta, Cerithium adansonii, Cerithium adenense, Cerithium agervallensis, Cerithium anguloseptum, Cerithium angulosum, Cerithium asperellum, Cerithium atratum, Cerithium bacillum, Cerithium bardiei, Cerithium basiplanum, Cerithium bermotiense, Cerithium bhagothorense, Cerithium bicarinatum, Cerithium bifasciatum, Cerithium biokense, Cerithium boeticum, Cerithium butterworthi, Cerithium caeruleum, Cerithium calcitrapoides, Cerithium calculosum, Cerithium cancellatum, Cerithium cinctum, Cerithium citrinum, Cerithium clarki, Cerithium clavatulatum, Cerithium clavosum, Cerithium clavus, Cerithium columna, Cerithium columnare, Cerithium confluens, Cerithium conoidale, Cerithium conoideum, Cerithium corvinum, Cerithium costaricensis, Cerithium cribrarium, Cerithium cristatohirtum, Cerithium cristatum, Cerithium dallagonis, Cerithium damonis, Cerithium denticulatum, Cerithium depontaillieri, Cerithium deprati, Cerithium derivatum, Cerithium dominicense, Cerithium eburneum, Cerithium echidnoides, Cerithium echinatum, Cerithium emarginatum, Cerithium erythraeonense, Cerithium fairbanksi, Cerithium fodicatum, Cerithium gracile, Cerithium granosum, Cerithium grillanum, Cerithium guinaicum, Cerithium harrisii, Cerithium harudiensis, Cerithium harveyi, Cerithium herculeanum, Cerithium herklotsi, Cerithium hexagonum, Cerithium hopkinsi, Cerithium iddingsi, Cerithium incertum, Cerithium incisum, Cerithium infranodatum, Cerithium insulatum, Cerithium interruptum, Cerithium inversum, Cerithium involutum, Cerithium isabellae, Cerithium jablaui, Cerithium jekeliusi, Cerithium lamellosum, Cerithium lapidorum, Cerithium larva, Cerithium leithi, Cerithium lethe, Cerithium litteratum, Cerithium lukenderi, Cerithium lutosum, Cerithium macarum, Cerithium madreporicola, Cerithium markusreuteri, Cerithium mediale, Cerithium melanoides, Cerithium meneghinii, Cerithium meneguzzoi, Cerithium microlineatum, Cerithium mitra, Cerithium multiforme, Cerithium muricoides, Cerithium muscarum, Cerithium mysterium, Cerithium nicaraguense, Cerithium nodoliratum, Cerithium nudum, Cerithium obesum, Cerithium perforatum, Cerithium perpulchrum, Cerithium petitclerci, Cerithium petricolum, Cerithium pillingi, Cerithium pleurotomoides, Cerithium progoensis, Cerithium pseudoobeliscus, Cerithium puigcercosensis, Cerithium punctatum, Cerithium purpura, Cerithium quadrisulcatum, Cerithium riachuelanum, Cerithium rodeoensis, Cerithium rugosum, Cerithium scabridum, Cerithium scabrum, Cerithium scalarioideum, Cerithium semigranosum, Cerithium semirugatum, Cerithium serratum, Cerithium simplex, Cerithium simpsonensis, Cerithium sindiense, Cerithium soldadense, Cerithium sphaeruliferum, Cerithium spiratum, Cerithium stoddardi, Cerithium stracheyi, Cerithium subbrevicula, Cerithium subcylindraceum, Cerithium subscalariforme, Cerithium substriatum, Cerithium subulatum, Cerithium suciaensis, Cerithium tenellum, Cerithium tenuifilosum, Cerithium terebrale, Cerithium thiara, Cerithium thoas, Cerithium tinkeri, Cerithium totiumsanctorum, Cerithium traillii, Cerithium travancorense, Cerithium trilineatum, Cerithium trinchinopolitense, Cerithium trochiforme, Cerithium trochleare, Cerithium tuberculosum, Cerithium turritellatum, Cerithium turritellatum, Cerithium umbilicatum, Cerithium umbrellatum, Cerithium unisulcatum, Cerithium vandenheckei, Cerithium variculosum, Cerithium venustum, Cerithium vittatum, Cerithium weeksi, Cerithium wilya, Cerithium xenium, Cerithium zebrum, Cerithium zonatum, Conocerithium (Conocerithium)

Subtaxa: Tympanotomus laevis Tympanotomus pseudodiaboli Tympanotonus (Exechocirsus) Tympanotonus (Tympanotonus) Tympanotonus calcaratus Tympanotonus hungaricus

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Ecology: epifaunal herbivore


• Quaternary of China (1 collection)

• Pliocene of Indonesia (1)

• Miocene of Indonesia (2), Pakistan (1)

• Oligocene of Hungary (2), Pakistan (1)

• Eocene of Bulgaria (1), Hungary (2), Peru (1), Turkey (1), the United Kingdom (1)

• Cretaceous of Germany (1), United States (3: Mississippi)

Total: 18 collections including 22 occurrences

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