Clavatula (Alticlavatula) MacNeil 1960 (turrid)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Turridae

Full reference: F. S. MacNeil. 1960. Tertiary and Quaternary Gastropoda of Okinawa: A comparison of the late Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Gastropoda of Okinawa with related faunas of East Asia together with a resume of the geological setting of the fossiliferous deposits. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 339:1-148

Parent taxon: Clavatula according to F. S. MacNeil 1960

Sister taxa: Clavatula (Clavatula), Clavatula boothii, Clavatula brachystoma, Clavatula camillae, Clavatula cancellata, Clavatula castanea, Clavatula chiriquiensis, Clavatula concinnata, Clavatula cornelliana, Clavatula costata, Clavatula eleonorae, Clavatula evae, Clavatula granulatocincta, Clavatula juliae, Clavatula kowalewskii, Clavatula laevigata, Clavatula laevigata, Clavatula linearis, Clavatula militaris, Clavatula mitrula, Clavatula perpulchra, Clavatula philberti, Clavatula plicifera, Clavatula pretiosa, Clavatula protonodifera, Clavatula reginae, Clavatula sacerdos, Clavatula sophiae, Clavatula styriaca, Clavatula suturalis, Clavatula tipperi, Pleurotoma (Clavatula) veronicae

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore

Distribution: found only at USGS 17442 - Chinen Sand Member, Ryukyu Group, Okinawa (Pliocene of Japan)

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