Polyptychites (Euryptychites) Pavlow 1914 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonitida - Polyptychitidae

Alternative spelling: Euryptychites

Synonyms: Bodylevskites, Neopolyptychites Shulgina 1983, Paratollia Casey 1973

Parent taxon: Polyptychites according to P. Alsen 2006

See also Bogomolov 1989, Jeletzky and Kemper 1988, Sepkoski 2002 and Zakharov et al. 1999

Sister taxa: Olcostephanus (Polyptychites) trichotomus, Polyptychites (Amundiptychites), Polyptychites (Astieriptychites), Polyptychites (Paleodichotomites), Polyptychites (Polyptychites), Polyptychites (Primitiviptychites), Polyptychites (Siberiptychites), Polyptychites balkwilli, Polyptychites brancoi, Polyptychites canadensis, Polyptychites clarkei, Polyptychites hapkei, Polyptychites lamplughi, Polyptychites multicostatus, Polyptychites multiplicatus, Polyptychites oerlinghusanus, Polyptychites orbitatus, Polyptychites pavlowi, Polyptychites saxonicus, Polyptychites sublatissimus, Polyptychites tethyale, Polyptychites villersensis

Subtaxa: Euryptychites (Euryptychites) Paratollia kemperi Polyptychites (Euryptychites) copiocostatus Polyptychites (Euryptychites) diplotomus Polyptychites (Euryptychites) gravesiformis Polyptychites (Euryptychites) laevis Polyptychites (Euryptychites) latissimus Polyptychites (Euryptychites) molsbergensis Polyptychites (Euryptychites) pateraeformis Polyptychites (Euryptychites) roemeri Polyptychites (Euryptychites) rubricosus Polyptychites (Euryptychites) subcoronatus Polyptychites (Euryptychites) traillensis

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Type: Olcostephanus latissimus

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore


• Cretaceous of Canada (1: Northwest Territories collection), Germany (1), Greenland (3), Poland (1), the Russian Federation (6), USSR (1)

Total: 13 collections including 16 occurrences

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