†family Permithonidae Tillyard 1922 (winged insect)

Insecta - Neuropteroidea - Permithonidae

Synonyms: Palaemerobiidae Martynov 1928, Permegalomidae Martynova 1952, Permopsychopsidae Riek 1953, Permosisyridae Martynov 1932, Sialidopsidae Zalessky 1928

Full reference: R. J. Tillyard. 1922. Some new Permian insects from Belmont, NSW, in the collection of Mr. John Mitchell. The Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 47:279-292

Parent taxon: Neuropterida according to C. C. Martins et al. 2022

See also Carpenter 1992, Engel and Grimaldi 2008, Engel et al. 2018, Martynov 1928, Martynov 1932, Martynov 1937, Martynova 1952, Novokshonov 1996, Ponomarenko and Shcherbakov 2004, Riek 1953, Tillyard 1922, Vilesov and Novokshonov 1994 and Whalley 1988

Sister taxa: Eidoneuroptera, Priscaenigmatomorpha, Raphidioptera

Subtaxa: Elmothone Eopsychops Jurla Kunguromaritus Lodevosisyra Lodevothone Okolpania Osmythone Palaemerobius Permantispa Permegalomus Permerobius Permipsythone Permithone Permithonopsis Permopsychops Permorapisma Permosisyra Sauropsychops Sialidopsis Sismerobius Sylvamarita Sylvasenex Tshekardithonopsis Tychtobius Uralisyra

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Type: Permithone



• Permian of Australia (9 collections), Brazil (1), France (2), Kazakhstan (2), the Russian Federation (22), South Africa (2), United States (1: Kansas)

Total: 39 collections including 80 occurrences

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