†family Salanygolinidae Holmer et al. 2009 (lamp shell)

Brachiopoda - Salanygolinidae

Full reference: L. E. Holmer, S. P. Stolk, C. B. Skovsted, U. Balthasar, and L. Popov. 2009. The enigmatic early Cambrian Salanygolina - a stem group of rhynchonelliform chileate brachiopods. Palaeontology 52(1):1-10

Parent taxon: Rhynchonelliformea according to L. E. Holmer et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Chileata, Kutorginata, Obolellata, Rhynchonellata, Strophomenata

Subtaxa: Salanygolina

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Type: Salanygolina

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Cambrian of Mongolia (5 collections)

Total: 5 collections each including a single occurrence

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