Olenellus (Paedeumias) Walcott 1910

Trilobita - Redlichiida - Olenellidae

Alternative spellings: Paedeumias, Paedumias

Full reference: C. D. Walcott. 1910. Cambrian geology and paleontology. No. 6 - Olenellus and other genera of the Mesonacidæ. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 53(6):231-422

Parent taxon: Olenellus according to F. A. Sundberg and L.B. McCollum 2003

See also Hazzard and Crickmay 1933, Jell and Adrain 2002, Lieberman 1998, Lieberman 1999, Palmer 1998, Palmer and Halley 1979, Palmer and Repina 1993, Resser 1928, Riccio 1952, Sepkoski 2002, Walcott 1910 and Whittington et al. 1997

Sister taxa: Olenellus (Angustolenellus), Olenellus (Georgiellus), Olenellus (Mesolenellus), Olenellus (Olenelloides), Olenellus (Olenellus), Olenellus agellus, Olenellus alius, Olenellus brachyomma, Olenellus bufrontis, Olenellus buttsi, Olenellus clarki, Olenellus claytoni, Olenellus crassimarginatus, Olenellus georgiensis, Olenellus getzi, Olenellus gigas, Olenellus gilberti, Olenellus howelli, Olenellus latilimbatus, Olenellus megafrontalis, Olenellus nevadensis, Olenellus parvofrontatus, Olenellus peculiaris, Olenellus puertoblancoensis, Olenellus robsonensis, Olenellus roddyi, Olenellus romensis, Olenellus schucherti, Olenellus thompsoni, Olenellus walcotti, Olenellus wanneri

Subtaxa: Olenellus (Paedeumias) chiefensis Olenellus (Paedeumias) puertoblancoensis Olenellus (Paedeumias) terminatus Paedeumias granulatus Paedeumias transitans

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Type: Paedeumias transitans


• Cambrian of Canada (11: British Columbia, Labrador, Newfoundland collections), United States (39: California, Nevada, New York, Vermont)

• Caerfai of Canada (1: Nunavut), United States (1: Nevada)

Total: 52 collections including 68 occurrences

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