Albaillella cavitata Kuwahara 1999 (radiolarian)

Polycystina - Albaillellaria - Albaillellidae

Belongs to Albaillella according to Kuwahara 1999

Sister taxa: Albaillella amplificata, Albaillella amygdalaspinosa, Albaillella angusta, Albaillella apporrecta, Albaillella asymmetrica, Albaillella bialata, Albaillella bipennata, Albaillella brauni, Albaillella brushensis, Albaillella cartalla, Albaillella cornuta, Albaillella crenulata, Albaillella cylindra, Albaillella deflandrei, Albaillella dellensis, Albaillella demenita, Albaillella eliasi, Albaillella excelsa, Albaillella fida, Albaillella flabellata, Albaillella flexa, Albaillella flexiloqua, Albaillella foremanae, Albaillella furcata, Albaillella gordoni, Albaillella graciliforma, Albaillella groessensi, Albaillella harrisae, Albaillella hassi, Albaillella higginsi, Albaillella hushanensis, Albaillella indensis, Albaillella inferioalata, Albaillella inflata, Albaillella ishigai, Albaillella kayai, Albaillella ladarezensis, Albaillella lanceolata, Albaillella lauta, Albaillella levis, Albaillella longoriai, Albaillella macrocephalata, Albaillella magnifica, Albaillella mameti, Albaillella minuta, Albaillella mucronulata, Albaillella multisegmenta, Albaillella murcheyae, Albaillella nazarovi, Albaillella nigriniae, Albaillella ouachitaensis, Albaillella palmeri, Albaillella paradoxa, Albaillella pennata, Albaillella perforata, Albaillella pessagnoi, Albaillella philipsensis, Albaillella prava, Albaillella procera, Albaillella protoforemanae, Albaillella protolevis, Albaillella protractosegmentata, Albaillella pseudoparadoxa, Albaillella ramsbottomi, Albaillella riescheidensis, Albaillella robusta, Albaillella rockensis, Albaillella saltatoria, Albaillella sandbergi, Albaillella saundersi, Albaillella shijaensis, Albaillella sinuata, Albaillella sinuosa, Albaillella spinosa, Albaillella tela, Albaillella thomasi, Albaillella tooelensis, Albaillella triangularis, Albaillella tuboforma, Albaillella tumida, Albaillella turgida, Albaillella uncus, Albaillella undulata, Albaillella unusalata, Albaillella utahensis, Albaillella xiaodongensis, Albaillella yamakitai, Albaillella yaoi, Albaillella zhui, Spinodeflandrella obtusa, Spinodeflandrella acutata, Spinodeflandrella bicornuta, Spinodeflandrella siciliensis, Spinodeflandrella tetraspinosa, Spinodeflandrella acuminata

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore


• Permian of China (4 collections)

Total: 4 collections each including a single occurrence

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