Eubrontes cursorius Hitchcock 1858 (theropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Eubrontidae

Alternative combination: Grallator cursorius

Synonyms: Anchisauripus parallelus Hitchcock 1837, Brontozoum parallelum Hitchcock 1837, Grallator parallelus Hitchcock 1837, Ornithichnites parallelus Hitchcock 1837

Belongs to Eubrontes according to E. C. Rainforth 2007

See also Baird 1957, Bock 1952, Courel and Demathieu 1976, Demathieu 1970, Ellenberger 1970, Fujita et al. 2008, Gallagher and Hanczaryk 2006, Gand et al. 2000, Haubold 1969, Haubold 1971, Hay 1902, Hitchcock 1837, Hitchcock 1847, Hitchcock 1848, Hitchcock 1862, Hitchcock 1871, Hitchcock 1889, Hitchcock 1898, Hunt and Lucas 2006, Hunt and Lucas 2006, Hunt and Lucas 2007, Klein and Haubold 2007, Kuhn 1958, Kuhn 1963, Lockley and Eisenberg 2006, Lull 1904, Lull 1915, Lull 1917, Lull 1953, Lyman 1894, Melchor and de Valais 2006, Miller 1879, Nelson 1965, Niedźwiedzki 2011, Olsen 1981, Olsen and Galton 1984, Olsen et al. 1998, Schmidt 1959, Thulborn and Wade 1984, Warren 1854, Weems 1987, Weems 2006, Weishampel 2006 and Xing et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Eubrontes (Brontozoum), Eubrontes (Grallator), Eubrontes (Ichnites), Eubrontes (Ornithichnites), Eubrontes fieldi, Eubrontes giganteus, Eubrontes glenrosensis, Eubrontes lyellii, Eubrontes monax, Eubrontes pareschequier, Eubrontes platypus, Eubrontes sillimani, Eubrontes tuberatus, Eubrontes veillonensis, Eubrontes xiyangensis, Eubrontes zigongensis, Grallator (Eubrontes) divaricatus, Otouphepus declivis, Anchisauripus (Otouphepus) minor, Brontozoum expansum, Brontozoum thianschanicum, Brontozoum isodactylum, Grallator angustidigitus, Grallator cuneatus, Grallator morijensis, Grallator leribeensis, Grallator formosus, Grallator sulcatus, Grallator tenuis, Grallator palustris, Grallator rapidus, Grallator graciosus, Grallator moshoeshoei, Grallator variabilis, Grallator olonensis, Grallator crassidigitus, Grallator sauclierensis, Grallator microiscus, Grallator wuhuangensis, Grallator maximus, Grallator (Grallator), Grallator limosus, Grallator yemiaoxiensis, Grallator minor, Grallator gracilis, Grallator lacunensis, Grallator matsiengensis, Grallator deambulator, Grallator emeiensis, Grallator mokanametsongensis, Grallator rectilineus, Grallator lescurei, Grallator limnosus, Grallator socialis, Grallator magnificus, Grallator princeps, Grallator andeolensis, Grallator minimus, Grallator digitigradus, Grallator damanei, Grallator ssatoi, Grallator molapoi, Grallator lambereshei, Grallator pingchuanensis, Agialopous wyomingensis, Prototrisauropus deambulator, Prototrisauropus gardonensis, Plastisauropus ingens, Platysauropus robustus, Fulicopus minor, Deuterotrisauropus deambulator, Gigandipus hei, Gigandipus minor, Gigandipus caudatus, Anchisauripus tuberosus, Anchisauripus poolei, Grallator (Anchisauripus) minusculus, Anchisauripus milfordensis, Grallator (Anchisauripus) hitchcocki, Anchisauripus thomasi, Anchisauripus australis, Anchisauripus gwyneddensis, Anchisauripus bibractensis, Anchisauripus (Grallator), Anchisauripus exsertus

Type specimens:

  • Eubrontes cursorius: AC 4/1, a footprint. Its type locality is Moody's Corner, which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian fluvial-lacustrine mudstone/sandstone in the Portland Formation of Massachusetts.
  • Ornithichnites parallelus: AC 54/8, a footprint. Its type locality is Moody's Corner, which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian fluvial-lacustrine mudstone/sandstone in the Portland Formation of Massachusetts.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Jurassic of Canada (3: Nova Scotia collections), United States (7: Connecticut, Massachusetts)

• Triassic to Jurassic of United States (2: Arizona)

• Triassic of United States (10: Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah)

Total: 22 collections each including a single occurrence

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