Dentalium (Pseudantilis) Monterosato 1884 (tusk shell)

Scaphopoda - Dentaliida - Dentaliidae

Alternative spelling: Pseudantalis

Parent taxon: Dentalium according to Anderson 1975

See also Sepkoski 2002 and Wienrich 1999

Sister taxa: Dentalium (Dentalium), Dentalium (Fissidentalium), Dentalium (Graptacme), Dentalium (Laevidentalium), Dentalium alazanum, Dentalium angsananum, Dentalium aratum, Dentalium arcotinum, Dentalium arctum, Dentalium ashiyaensis, Dentalium atratum, Dentalium attenuatum, Dentalium bifrons, Dentalium bitubatum, Dentalium bocasense, Dentalium caduloide, Dentalium californicum, Dentalium cannaliculatum, Dentalium conradi, Dentalium cooperi, Dentalium cossmannianum, Dentalium decoratum, Dentalium denotatum, Dentalium dumblei, Dentalium giganteum, Dentalium gonatodes, Dentalium hamatum, Dentalium hanguense, Dentalium hecetaensis, Dentalium indianum, Dentalium junghuhni, Dentalium klipsteini, Dentalium laeve, Dentalium laevigatum, Dentalium laqueatum, Dentalium latisulcatum, Dentalium leve, Dentalium lombardicum, Dentalium mancorens, Dentalium microstria, Dentalium minutistriatum, Dentalium montense, Dentalium moreanum, Dentalium multicanaliculatum, Dentalium neohexagonum, Dentalium ovale, Dentalium porterensis, Dentalium pseudonyma, Dentalium pusillum, Dentalium radiolineata, Dentalium rimosum, Dentalium rugiferum, Dentalium sacheri, Dentalium sandbergeri, Dentalium schencki, Dentalium schlosseri, Dentalium simile, Dentalium solidum, Dentalium sorbii, Dentalium soriense, Dentalium speyeri, Dentalium stentor, Dentalium stramineum, Dentalium subcompressum, Dentalium sundkrogensis, Dentalium tenuicostatum, Dentalium tenuistriatum, Dentalium tornatissimum, Dentalium triquetrum, Dentalium vacavillensis, Dentalium yasilum

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: slow-moving semi-infaunal deposit feeder


• Miocene of Germany (46 collections)

• Eocene of the United Kingdom (2)

Total: 48 collections including 49 occurrences

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