†suborder Monura Sharov 1957

Insecta - Archaeognatha

Full reference: A. G. Sharov. 1957. Svoeobraznye paleozoyskie beskrylye nasekomye novogo otryada Monura (Insecta, Apterygota). Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 115:795-798

Parent taxon: Archaeognatha according to W. T. Zhang et al. 2018

See also Carpenter 1992, Kukalov√°-Peck and Lawrence 2004 and Rasnitsyn 2004

Sister taxon: Machilida

Subtaxa: Dasyleptidae

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• Triassic of Germany (1 collection), Switzerland (1)

• Permian of the Russian Federation (5), United States (4: Kansas, New Mexico)

• Carboniferous of France (1), United States (2: Illinois)

Total: 14 collections including 16 occurrences

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