†order Megasecoptera Brongniart 1885 (winged insect)

Insecta - Megasecoptera

Synonyms: Protohymenoptera Tillyard 1924, Synsecoptera Martynov 1929

Full reference: C. Brongniart. 1885. Les insectes fossiles des terrains primaires. Coup d'oeil rapide sur la fauna entomologique des terrains paléozoïques. Bulletin de la Société des Amis des Sciences Naturelles de Rouen 21(3):50-68

Parent taxon: Megasecopteromorpha according to O. Béthoux 2020

See also Carpenter 1933, Carpenter 1992, Grimaldi and Engel 2005, Martynov 1932, Martynov 1937 and Riek 1976

Sister taxon: Diaphanopterodea

Subtaxa: Adiaphtharsia Alectoneuridae Anchineuridae Ancopteridae Archaeoscolex Archaeoscolex corneus Arcioneuridae Aspidohymenidae Aspidothoracidae Bardohymenidae Brodiidae Caulopteridae Corydaloididae Dictyoneurellidae Engisopteridae Eumegasecoptera Foririidae Ischnoptilidae Lameereites Mischopteridae Moravohymenidae Piesbergpteridae Protohymenidae Raphidiopsis Scytohymenidae Sphecopteridae Sphecorydaloididae Vorkutiidae Xenopteraidae

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