Panorpidium geinitzi Heer 1880

Insecta - Orthoptera - Elcanidae

Alternative combinations: Clathrotermes geinitzi, Elcana (Clathrotermes) geinitzi, Elcana geinitzi

Synonyms: Clathrotermes signatus Heer 1865, Elcana (Clathrotermes) intercalata Geinitz 1880, Elcana acuta Handlirsch 1939, Elcana analis Handlirsch 1939, Elcana aquila Bode 1953, Elcana belli Bode 1953, Elcana calopteryx Handlirsch 1939, Elcana dilatata Bode 1953, Elcana emiliae Bode 1953, Elcana flexuosa Handlirsch 1906, Elcana fusca Handlirsch 1906, Elcana geinitziana Handlirsch 1906, Elcana germanica Handlirsch 1906, Elcana hildesiana Bode 1953, Elcana hubertiana Bode 1953, Elcana intercalata Geinitz 1880, Elcana lacunosa Bode 1953, Elcana latibasis Handlirsch 1939, Elcana latrunculorum Bode 1953, Elcana ligulaeformis Bode 1953, Elcana littoralis Handlirsch 1906, Elcana marginalis Handlirsch 1920, Elcana mutilata Bode 1953, Elcana obliqua Handlirsch 1906, Elcana obscura Bode 1953, Elcana orchestes Handlirsch 1906, Elcana perdix Bode 1953, Elcana picta Handlirsch 1939, Elcana plicata Handlirsch 1906, Elcana recta Handlirsch 1939, Elcana retrolaesa Bode 1953, Elcana robusta Handlirsch 1939, Elcana roemermusei Bode 1953, Elcana rotundata Handlirsch 1906, Elcana rudis Handlirsch 1906, Elcana saltans Handlirsch 1906, Elcana signata Heer 1865, Elcana similis Handlirsch 1939, Elcana spiloptera Handlirsch 1906, Elcana striata Bode 1953, Elcana strix Bode 1953, Elcana tincta Handlirsch 1939, Elcana trifasciata Bode 1953, Elcana trifurcata Handlirsch 1906

Full reference: O. Heer. 1880. Taxonomic names, in Der Jura von Dobbertin in Mecklenburg und seine Versteinerungen. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft 32:510-535

Belongs to Panorpidium according to D. C. Eades et al. 2012

See also Ansorge 1996, Ansorge 2003, Bode 1905, Bode 1953, Geinitz 1880, Geinitz 1884, Geinitz 1888, Handlirsch 1906, Handlirsch 1920, Handlirsch 1939, Heer 1865, Heer 1880, Scudder 1885 and Zessin 1987

Sister taxa: Panorpidium beyrichi, Panorpidium bimaculatum, Panorpidium deichmuelleri, Panorpidium lata, Panorpidium liasina, Panorpidium lithophila, Panorpidium longicornis, Panorpidium magna, Panorpidium media, Panorpidium mesostena, Panorpidium minima, Panorpidium minuta, Panorpidium oppenheimi, Panorpidium parvum, Panorpidium phyllophora, Panorpidium plagiatus, Panorpidium proximum, Panorpidium reticulata, Panorpidium sibirica, Panorpidium tessellatum, Panorpidium westwoodi, Panorpidium yixianensis, Elcana (Clathrotermes), Elcana lithophila, Elcana plagiata, Calotermes troglodytes

Type specimens:


• Jurassic of Germany (6 collections)

Total: 6 collections each including a single occurrence

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