Fistulipora horowitzi Sakagami 1970 (bryozoan)

Stenolaemata - Cystoporida - Fistuliporidae

Synonym: Fistulipora ramosa Sakagami 1966 [replaced name]

Full reference: S. Sakagami. 1970. Addition to the Permian Bryozoa from Ko Muk, peninsular Thailand. Geology and Palaeontology of Southeast Asia 8:43-68

Belongs to Fistulipora according to S. Sakagami 1970

See also Sakagami 1966 and Sakagami 1968

Sister taxa: Fistulipora altilis, Fistulipora amplia, Fistulipora carbonaria, Fistulipora carrascoi, Fistulipora coalescens, Fistulipora compacta, Fistulipora conica, Fistulipora crassilabiata, Fistulipora crescens, Fistulipora curta, Fistulipora densa, Fistulipora dybowskii, Fistulipora egregia, Fistulipora elegantula, Fistulipora enodata, Fistulipora frondosa, Fistulipora geei, Fistulipora gigantea, Fistulipora guadalupae, Fistulipora guadalupensis, Fistulipora hamadae, Fistulipora hangchouensis, Fistulipora incondita, Fistulipora incrustans, Fistulipora intermedia, Fistulipora irimiensis, Fistulipora jakovlevi, Fistulipora komukensis, Fistulipora labratula, Fistulipora lamella, Fistulipora lengwuensis, Fistulipora lunaris, Fistulipora lunatifera, Fistulipora maanensis, Fistulipora maanshanensis, Fistulipora mackloti, Fistulipora megastoma, Fistulipora microparallela, Fistulipora miharanoensis, Fistulipora milleporacea, Fistulipora minisculus, Fistulipora minor, Fistulipora monticulosa, Fistulipora muelleri, Fistulipora multidiaphragma, Fistulipora nuraeformis, Fistulipora obiensis, Fistulipora octonaria, Fistulipora ozawae, Fistulipora primaeva, Fistulipora pseudolunaris, Fistulipora pseudolunatifera, Fistulipora radiata, Fistulipora regularis, Fistulipora rutogensis, Fistulipora sana, Fistulipora sangzhiensis, Fistulipora satoi, Fistulipora sawatai, Fistulipora shigeyasuensis, Fistulipora siamensis, Fistulipora simillima, Fistulipora sinensis, Fistulipora stereos, Fistulipora takauchiensis, Fistulipora tatouhuensis, Fistulipora tchurkensis, Fistulipora tenella, Fistulipora timanensis, Fistulipora timorensis, Fistulipora titicacaensis, Fistulipora tuberosa, Fistulipora urniformis, Fistulipora vacuolata, Fistulipora venusta, Fistulipora volongensis, Fistulipora wadei, Fistulipora wanneri, Fistulipora xainzaensis, Fistulipora xialaensis, Fistulipora xinchengensis, Fistulipora xizangensis, Fistulipora zonata

Type specimens:

  • Fistulipora horowitzi: WKM-5-03
  • Fistulipora ramosa: WKM-5-03. Its type locality is Ko Muk WKM-5, which is in a Roadian carbonate limestone in the Rat Buri Formation of Thailand.

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Fistulipora horowitzi in the database

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