†family Gabanellidae Tintori and Lombardo 1996 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopteri - Perleidiformes - Gabanellidae

Full reference: A. Tintori and C. Lombardo. 1996. Gabanellia agilis gen. n. sp. n. (Actinopterygii, Perleidiformes) from the Calcare di Zorzino of Lombardy (North Italy). Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 102(2):227-236

Parent taxon: Perleidiformes according to A. Tintori and C. Lombardo 1996

Sister taxa: Anatoia, Boreichthys, Caminchaia, Cenechoia, Chrotichthys, Cleiothrolepididae, Colobodontidae, Crenolepis, Daninia, Dollopterus, Echentaia, Fuyuanperleididae, Habroichthyidae, Hydropessum, Luopingichthys, Manlietta, Mendocinichthys, Pasambaya, Perleididae, Platysiagidae, Polzbergiidae, Pseudobeaconiidae, Saurichthyes, Tripelta, Zeuchthiscus

Subtaxa: Gabanellia

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Type: Gabanellia



• Triassic of Italy (4 collections)

Total: 4 collections each including a single occurrence

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