Plecia Wiedemann 1823 (love bug)

Insecta - Diptera - Bibionidae

Synonym: Epiplecia Giard 1879

Parent taxon: Pleciinae according to J. Skartveit 2009

See also Aldrich 1905, Carpenter 1992, Cockerell 1921, Cockerell 1925, Evenhuis 1994, Fitzgerald 2004, Hong and Wang 1985, James 1937, James 1938, Meunier 1923, Pongr√°cz 1931, Rice 1959, Statz 1943, Theobald 1937, Wappler 2003, Zeuner 1941 and Zhang 1989

Sister taxa: Fushunoplecia, Lichnoplecia, Penthetria, Cascoplecia

Subtaxa: Bibio cylindratus Clothonopsis Clothonopsis miocenica Plecia abava Plecia acourti Plecia aculeolata Plecia akerionana Plecia amagua Plecia angustipennis Plecia angustiventris Plecia antenata Plecia assonensis Plecia avus Plecia axeliana Plecia baglii Plecia bivalvula Plecia borussica Plecia brunneipennis Plecia brunniptera Plecia bucklandi Plecia cairnesi Plecia canadensis Plecia capitata Plecia castellaroi Plecia chapuisii Plecia clavifemur Plecia conica Plecia curtula Plecia decapitata Plecia dejecta Plecia diatoma Plecia dilatata Plecia dumasi Plecia elatior Plecia elegantula Plecia elongata Plecia exigua Plecia explanata Plecia exposita Plecia exposititia Plecia foersteri Plecia fumosa Plecia gracilentula Plecia gracillima Plecia gradata Plecia grandaeva Plecia grossa Plecia heeri Plecia hilaris Plecia hoffeinsorum Plecia hypogaea Plecia imperialis Plecia inflata Plecia inflata Plecia intima Plecia joannis Plecia jucunda Plecia kanetakii Plecia kelownaensis Plecia kudiella Plecia kuznetzovi Plecia lapidaria Plecia larguensis Plecia larteti Plecia livida Plecia longipennis Plecia luctuosa Plecia ludongensis Plecia luteola Plecia lygaeoides Plecia macilenta Plecia macrocephala Plecia maimensis Plecia melanderi Plecia minutula Plecia morio Plecia myersi Plecia nana Plecia obsitula Plecia orycta Plecia oustaleti Plecia painvini Plecia pallida Plecia parisiensis Plecia pealei Plecia pennata Plecia philippi Plecia pictipennis Plecia pinguis Plecia pisaurensis Plecia platoptera Plecia platyptera Plecia prisca Plecia pristina Plecia proserpina Plecia pulchella Plecia pulchra Plecia pulla Plecia quaesita Plecia rectivenia Plecia redempta Plecia reducta Plecia refracta Plecia retracta Plecia rhenana Plecia rhodopterina Plecia rubescens Plecia satyrus Plecia sauvagei Plecia schineri Plecia similkameena Plecia solaris Plecia spinula Plecia sturmi Plecia stygia Plecia superba Plecia tenuicornis Plecia tessella Plecia theobaldi Plecia transitoria Plecia tulameenensis Plecia undans Plecia vergnei Plecia veterana Plecia villosa Plecia vulcania Plecia vulpina Plecia winchesteri Plecia winnertzi Plecia woodruffi

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• Pliocene of France (3 collections), Germany (1), Japan (2)

• Miocene of China (6), Croatia (2), the Czech Republic (1), the Dominican Republic (1), France (1), Germany (5), Italy (1), Japan (1), Mexico (1), the Russian Federation (1)

• Oligocene of France (38), Germany (6), United States (2: Montana)

• Eocene of Canada (21: British Columbia), France (4), the Russian Federation (3), the United Kingdom (1), United States (16: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)

• Paleocene of the United Kingdom (1)

• Cretaceous of Canada (1: Manitoba)

Total: 119 collections including 367 occurrences

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