Orthophlebia liassica Mantell 1844

Insecta - Mecoptera - Orthophlebiidae

Alternative combinations: Orthophlebia (Orthophlebia) liassica, Panorpa liassica

Synonyms: Orthophlebia communis Westwood 1845, Orthophlebia lata Giebel 1856, Orthophlebia similis Giebel 1856, Orthophlebia simillima Handlirsch 1939, Orthophlebia westwoodi Handlirsch 1939 [objective synonym], Synorthophlebia lata Giebel 1856, Synorthophlebia similis Giebel 1856

Full reference: G. A. Mantell. 1844. The Medals of Creation; or, First Lessions in Geology, and the Study of Organis Remains 1-1016

Belongs to Orthophlebia according to A. SoszyƄska-Maj et al. 2018

See also Cockerell 1915, Geinitz 1884, Giebel 1856, Handlirsch 1906, Handlirsch 1939, Hong and Zhang 2007, Mantell 1844, Martynov 1927, Martynova 1948, Scudder 1885, Tillyard 1933, Westwood 1845, Willmann 1977 and Willmann 1978

Sister taxa: Orthophlebia (Dolichophlebia), Orthophlebia (Mesopanorpa), Orthophlebia (Orthophlebia), Orthophlebia (Parisophlebia), Orthophlebia aequalis, Orthophlebia anglica, Orthophlebia angustata, Orthophlebia bella, Orthophlebia bifurcata, Orthophlebia bolboica, Orthophlebia brunsvicensis, Orthophlebia capillata, Orthophlebia colorata, Orthophlebia compacta, Orthophlebia confusa, Orthophlebia curta, Orthophlebia deformis, Orthophlebia effusa, Orthophlebia elenae, Orthophlebia elongata, Orthophlebia exculpta, Orthophlebia extensa, Orthophlebia fallerslebensis, Orthophlebia fracta, Orthophlebia furcata, Orthophlebia fuscipennis, Orthophlebia germanica, Orthophlebia gracilis, Orthophlebia gubini, Orthophlebia heidemariae, Orthophlebia intermedia, Orthophlebia jejuna, Orthophlebia karabonica, Orthophlebia laesa, Orthophlebia latebrosa, Orthophlebia latipennisimilis, Orthophlebia lauta, Orthophlebia liadis, Orthophlebia liaoningensis, Orthophlebia limnophila, Orthophlebia lithographica, Orthophlebia longicauda, Orthophlebia luanpingensis, Orthophlebia maculata, Orthophlebia mongolica, Orthophlebia nana, Orthophlebia nervulosa, Orthophlebia obunca, Orthophlebia parvula, Orthophlebia phryganoides, Orthophlebia pictipennis, Orthophlebia pulchra, Orthophlebia pygmaea, Orthophlebia quadrimacula, Orthophlebia radialis, Orthophlebia retorrida, Orthophlebia rossica, Orthophlebia rotundipennis, Orthophlebia shartegica, Orthophlebia shurabica, Orthophlebia speciosa, Orthophlebia stigmatica, Orthophlebia varia, Orthophlebia venosa, Orthophlebia vernacula, Orthophlebia vicina, Orthophlebia yangjuanxiangensis, Orthophlebia yaogouensis

Type specimens:


• Jurassic of the United Kingdom (3 collections)

• Triassic of the United Kingdom (8)

Total: 11 collections each including a single occurrence

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