Strobeus de Koninck 1881 (snail)

Gastropoda - Murchisoniina - Soleniscidae

Synonyms: Holopella (Macrochilina) Bayle 1880, Machrochilina Bayle 1880, Macrocheilos Phillips 1841 [objective synonym], Macrocheilus Phillips 1841 [objective synonym], Macrochilina Bayle 1880, Macrochilus Phillips 1841 [objective synonym], Soleniscus (Macrocheilus) Phillips 1841 [objective synonym], Soleniscus (Macrochilina) Bayle 1880

Full reference: L. G. de Koninck. 1881. Faune du calcaire carbonifère de la Belgique, 3e partie, Gastéropodes. Musée Royale d’Historie Naturelle Belgique Annales, Série Paléontoloque 6:1-170

Parent taxon: Soleniscinae according to A. Nützel and C. Ketwetsuriya 2016

See also Amler and Heidelberger 2003, Bandel 2002, Batten 1966, Elias 1958, Frech 1894, Hall 1859, Harper 1981, Heidelberger and Koch 2005, Kaim et al. 2014, Keyes 1889, Knight 1931, Knight 1941, Knight et al. 1960, Manten 1971, Mazaev 2015, Nützel et al. 2000, Nützel and Mapes 2001, Pan and Erwin 2002, Perner 1903, Sepkoski 2002, Wagner 2023 and White 1884

Sister taxa: Cylindritopsis, Globobulimorpha

Subtaxa: Macrocheilus depilis Macrocheilus pulchella Macrochilina acuta Macrochilina brevispira Macrochilina buccinoides Macrochilina chattolina Macrochilina conicus Macrochilina cyclostoma Macrochilina decheni Macrochilina ejecta Macrochilina elevata Macrochilina germanica Macrochilina hospitalis Macrochilina imbricata Macrochilina inaequistriata Macrochilina intermedia Macrochilina lincta Macrochilina meridionalis Macrochilina modesta Macrochilina naticaeformis Macrochilina neritoides Macrochilina nitens Macrochilina orbignyi Macrochilina ovata Macrochilina ovatum Macrochilina piltonensis Macrochilina pulchella Macrochilina pusilla Macrochilina pygmaea Macrochilina rectinea Macrochilina sandbergeri Macrochilina seneca Macrochilina subimbricata Macrochilina sublineata Macrochilina subovata Macrochilina subtilis Macrochilina turbinea Macrochilina turrita Macrochilina whidborni Macrochilina winensis Soleniscus (Macrochilina) humilis Strobeus alternatus Strobeus bashkiriensis Strobeus batteni Strobeus brancoi Strobeus brevis Strobeus delawarensis Strobeus dongluoensis Strobeus ferganense Strobeus gouldiana Strobeus immanis Strobeus intercalaris Strobeus keyesi Strobeus mucronatus Strobeus nobilis Strobeus ovalis Strobeus pakistanensis Strobeus paludinaeformis Strobeus poromus Strobeus rectilinea Strobeus rozeni Strobeus shigetai Strobeus stinesvillensis Strobeus subglobosus Strobeus tantilla Strobeus veberi Strobeus ventricosus Strobeus welleri

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Triassic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 collection), Hungary (3), Italy (3), Oman (7), Pakistan (5), the Russian Federation (2), United States (12: Utah), Vietnam (1)

• Leonard of United States (1: Utah)

• Permian of Argentina (1), Australia (3), Cambodia (2), China (7), Germany (1), Greece (2), Indonesia (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Malaysia (1), Mexico (1), Pakistan (21), Peru (1), the Russian Federation (5), Thailand (2), United States (6: Texas, Wyoming), Venezuela (1)

• Virgilian of United States (32: Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas)

• Desmoinesian of United States (39: Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas)

• Pennsylvanian of United States (1: Kentucky)

• Chesterian of United States (1: Kentucky)

• Carboniferous to Permian of China (1)

• Carboniferous of Australia (2), China (2), Germany (1), Ireland (2), Morocco (1), Poland (1), the United Kingdom (39), United States (19: Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, New mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas)

• Devonian of Australia (2), Canada (2: Northwest Territories), France (1), Germany (6), Poland (6), the United Kingdom (6), United States (13: Alaska, Michigan, Nevada, New York)

• Silurian of the Czech Republic (1), United States (1: New York)

Total: 271 collections including 338 occurrences

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