Order Scolopendromorpha (centipede)

Myriapoda - Scolopendromorpha

Alternative spelling: Scolopendrida

Parent taxon: Epimorpha according to G. D. Edgecombe and G. Giribet 2007

See also Hoffman 1969 and Riquelme and Hernández-Patricio 2018

Sister taxon: Geophilomorpha

Subtaxa: Cryptopidae Permocrassacus Permocryptops Scolopendridae Scolopocryptopidae

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• Pliocene of South Africa (1 collection)

• Miocene of Mexico (3)

• Eocene of Poland (1)

• Cretaceous of Brazil (2), Myanmar (3)

• Permian of the Russian Federation (2)

Total: 12 collections each including a single occurrence

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