Order Ericales Berchtold and Presl 1820

Angiospermae - Ericales

Full reference: F. v. Berchtold and J. S. Presl. 1820. O Pƙirozenosti Rostlin. 1

Parent taxon: Eudicots according to E. I. Vera et al. 2022

See also Hickey 1977, Jud 2011, Knowlton 1919, Knowlton 1926, Mabberley 2000, Taylor et al. 2008, The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 2016 and Vallati et al. 2020

Sister taxa: Buxales, Coreeudicots, Cretaceoxylon, Gunnerales, Javelinoxylon, Noferinia, Proteales, Ranunculales, Republica, Solanales, Tolmania, Trochodendrales, Violales

Subtaxa: Rapanea Ternstroemiphyllum Ternstromiacinium

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• Quaternary of Australia (38 collections), India (1)

• Miocene of Canada (1: Northwest Territories)

• Oligocene to Miocene of Australia (3)

• Cretaceous of United States (1: Georgia)

Total: 44 collections including 46 occurrences

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