Eutrephoceras dorbignyanum Forbes 1846 (nautiloid)

Cephalopoda - Nautilida - Nautilidae

Alternative combination: Nautilus dorbignyanus

Synonyms: Eutrephoceras egitoense Miller and Carpenter 1956, Eutrephoceras simile Spath 1953, Eutrephoceras subplicatum Steinman 1895, Nautilus subplicatus Steinman 1895, Nautilus valenciennii Hupe 1854, Nautilus woodsi van Hoepen 1921

Belongs to Eutrephoceras according to S. N. Nielsen and C. Salazar 2011

See also Cichowolski et al. 2005, Howarth 1965, Shimansky 1975, Spath 1953 and Wiedmann 1960

Sister taxa: Eutrephoceras (Simplicioceras), Eutrephoceras ahltenense, Eutrephoceras alcesense, Eutrephoceras allani, Eutrephoceras allionii, Eutrephoceras altifrons, Eutrephoceras angolaense, Eutrephoceras antarcticum, Eutrephoceras astierianum, Eutrephoceras azraqensis, Eutrephoceras balcombensis, Eutrephoceras bellerophon, Eutrephoceras berryi, Eutrephoceras blanki, Eutrephoceras boissieri, Eutrephoceras bouchardianum, Eutrephoceras burundukhajense, Eutrephoceras campbelli, Eutrephoceras carolinense, Eutrephoceras carolinensis, Eutrephoceras charpentieri, Eutrephoceras claramontanum, Eutrephoceras clementinum, Eutrephoceras dartevellei, Eutrephoceras darupense, Eutrephoceras decorum, Eutrephoceras dekayi, Eutrephoceras depressum, Eutrephoceras desertorum, Eutrephoceras donbassicum, Eutrephoceras douvillei, Eutrephoceras dubaleni, Eutrephoceras expansum, Eutrephoceras eyerdami, Eutrephoceras faxoense, Eutrephoceras flammeum, Eutrephoceras geelongensis, Eutrephoceras globosum, Eutrephoceras hacobjani, Eutrephoceras hallidayi, Eutrephoceras hannai, Eutrephoceras indicum, Eutrephoceras insigne, Eutrephoceras irritilasi, Eutrephoceras izumoensis, Eutrephoceras japonicus, Eutrephoceras johnsoni, Eutrephoceras jonesi, Eutrephoceras justum, Eutrephoceras kummeli, Eutrephoceras laverdei, Eutrephoceras lentiforme, Eutrephoceras leonei, Eutrephoceras marksi, Eutrephoceras merteni, Eutrephoceras montanaense, Eutrephoceras montanensis, Eutrephoceras montmollini, Eutrephoceras moskvini, Eutrephoceras municeps, Eutrephoceras nodai, Eutrephoceras oregonense, Eutrephoceras parisiense, Eutrephoceras perlatus, Eutrephoceras planoventer, Eutrephoceras quadrilineatum, Eutrephoceras reesidei, Eutrephoceras rotundum, Eutrephoceras sloani, Eutrephoceras soyaense, Eutrephoceras spengleri, Eutrephoceras sphaericum, Eutrephoceras stephensoni, Eutrephoceras subfleuriausianum, Eutrephoceras sublaevigatum, Eutrephoceras subrotundum, Eutrephoceras tawaense, Eutrephoceras traubi, Eutrephoceras tumescens, Eutrephoceras umbilicare, Eutrephoceras urbanum, Eutrephoceras uzense, Eutrephoceras vastum, Eutrephoceras victorianum, Eutrephoceras waageni

Type specimens:

  • Eutrephoceras dorbignyanum: NHM C 2613
  • Eutrephoceras egitoense: Its type locality is Egito, Benguela, which is in a Campanian marine horizon in Angola.
  • Eutrephoceras simile: BMNH C.41385, a shell. Its type locality is Locality 4750, Dagger Peak, James Ross Island, which is in a Campanian marine siliciclastic in Antarctica.
  • Nautilus subplicatus:
  • Nautilus valenciennii: MNHN A32679. Its type locality is Quiriquina Island (Gay MNHN Collection), which is in a Maastrichtian marine sandstone in Chile.
  • Nautilus woodsi:

Ecology: nektonic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell diameter 87.7


• Cretaceous of Antarctica (5 collections), Chile (2), Mexico (1)

Total: 8 collections each including a single occurrence

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