†unranked clade Spalacotherioidea Prothero 1981

Mammalia - Theriamorpha

Alternative spelling: Spalacotheroidea

Full reference: D. R. Prothero. 1981. New Jurassic mammals from Como Bluff, Wyoming, and the interrelationships of non-tribosphenic Theria. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 167(5):277-326

Parent taxon: Trechnotheria according to Q. Ji et al. 2009

See also Averianov 2002 and Li and Luo 2006

Sister taxa: Yangotheria, Zhangheotheria

Subtaxa: Spalacotheriidae Zhangheotheriidae

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• Cretaceous of Canada (2: Alberta collections), China (8), France (2), Germany (1), Japan (1), the Russian Federation (3), Spain (3), the United Kingdom (13), United States (26: Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming), Uzbekistan (2)

• Jurassic of United States (1: Utah)

Total: 62 collections including 73 occurrences

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