†unranked clade Bidentalia Owen 1876

Osteichthyes - Therapsida

Full reference: R. Owen. 1876. Descriptive and Illustrated catalogue of the Fossil Reptilia of South Africa in the Collection of the British Museum of Natural History.

Parent taxon: Dicynodontia according to C. F. Kammerer et al. 2011

See also Fröbisch and Reisz 2011, Kammerer and Angielczyk 2009 and Owen 1876

Sister taxa: Brachyprosopus, Chelyoposaurus, Chelyoposaurus williamsi, Colobodectes, Dicranozygoma, Dicranozygoma leptoscelus, Dicynodon leptorhinus, Dicynodontida, Dicynodontidae, Diictodontia, Diictodontidae, Diictodontoidea, Dolichuranus, Dromasaurida, Dromasauroidea, Emydopoidea, Emydorhinus, Endothiodontia, Endothiodontidae, Endothiodontoidea, Eocyclops, Eodicynodon, Eodicynodontia, Eodicynodontidae, Eodicynodontoidea, Eumantelliidae, Eurycarpus oweni, Fukangolepis barbaros, Haughtoniana, Haughtoniana magna, Heuneus, Hyorhynchus, Kannemeyeriidae, Kannemeyeriiformes, Kannemeyeroidea, Katumbia, Kingoridae, Kingorioidea, Koupia, Koupia koupensis, Oudenodon strigiceps, Pentasauropus, Platycyclops, Pristerodontia, Pristerodontoidea, Pylaecephalidae, Rhinodicynodon, Shansiodontidae, Stahleckeriidae, Taognathus, Taognathus megalodon, Therapsipus, Therochelonia, Venjukoviamorpha

Subtaxa: Dicynodon rectidens Dicynodontoidea Rastodon

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• Triassic of Antarctica (3 collections), Brazil (1), China (6), India (18), Laos (1), Namibia (2), the Russian Federation (2), South Africa (42), Tanzania (1), Zambia (1)

• Tatarian of the Russian Federation (2)

• Permian to Triassic of Australia (1)

• Permian of Brazil (1), China (5), Laos (1), the Russian Federation (2), South Africa (49), Tanzania (8), the United Kingdom (2), Zambia (6)

Total: 154 collections including 247 occurrences

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