Clade Caenophidia Hoffstetter 1939

Reptilia - Squamata

Full reference: R. Hoffstetter. 1939. Contribution a l’étude des Elapidae actuels et fossiles et de l’ostéologie des ophidians. Archieves de la Muséum d'Historie Naturelle de Lyon 15:1-78

Parent taxon: Booidea according to T. P. Wilcox et al. 2002

See also Carroll 1988, Fernicola and Albino 2012, Greene 1997, Kuhn 1966, Lee and Scanlon 2002 and Vidal and Hedges 2002

Sister taxa: Anomalophidae, Archaeophidae, Boidae, Conantophis, Dinilysiidae, Ungaliophiidae

Subtaxa: Acrochordidae Colubroidea Russellophiidae Thaumastophis

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