Clade Eudicots Doyle and Hotton 1991

Angiospermae - Eudicots

Was originally entered as Eudicot in the PBDB (without the s), please check and correct if necessary

Synonym: Eudicotyledoneae Cantino et al. 2007

Parent taxon: Mesangiosperms according to The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 2016

See also Doyle and Hotton 1991, Jud 2011 and Taylor et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Ceratophyllales, Chloranthales, Magnoliid, Monocots

Subtaxa: Buxales Coreeudicots Ericales Gunnerales Javelinoxylon Noferinia Proteales Ranunculales Republica Solanales Tolmania Trochodendrales Violales

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Ecology: "photoautotroph"

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