†superfamily Kiringelloidea Starobogatov 1970

Tergomya - Tryblidiida

Alternative spelling: Kirengellacea

Full reference: Y.I. Starobogatov. 1970. Systematics of Early Paleozoic Monoplacophora. Paleontological Journal 10(3):293-302

Parent taxon: Tryblidiida according to P. J. Wagner 2023

See also Bjalyy 1973, Rozov 1975, Starobogatov 1970 and Wahlman 1992

Sister taxa: Ellsworthoconus, Hypseloconina, Neopilinoidea, Tryblidiina, Tryblidioidea

Subtaxa: Archaeophialidae

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• Ordovician of Canada (4: Ontario, Quebec collections), Norway (1), Sweden (1), United States (6: Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin)

Total: 12 collections including 13 occurrences

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