†family Prosqualodontidae Fordyce and de Muizon 2001 (toothed whale)

Mammalia - Odontoceti - Prosqualodontidae

Full reference: R. E. Fordyce and C. de Muizon. 2001. Evolutionary history of the cetaceans: a review. Secondary Adaptations of Tetrapods to Life in the Water 169-233

Parent taxon: Platanistoidea according to F. G. Marx et al. 2016

See also Aguirre-Fernández and Fordyce 2014, Berta 2017, Bianucci and Landini 2007, Fitzgerald 2004, Fordyce and de Muizon 2001, Lee et al. 2012 and Rice 2009

Sister taxa: Allodelphinidae, Aondelphis, Awamokoa, Dalpiazinidae, Platanistidae, Squalodelphinidae, Squalodontidae, Urkudelphis, Waipatiidae

Subtaxa: Prosqualodon

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Ecology: aquatic carnivore


• Miocene of Argentina (3 collections), Australia (1), New Zealand (1), Venezuela (1)

• Oligocene of Australia (3), New Zealand (1)

Total: 10 collections each including a single occurrence

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