Superfamily Majoidea Samouelle 1819 (crab)

Malacostraca - Decapoda

Full reference: G. Samouelle. 1819. The Entomologist's Useful Compendium, or An Introduction to the Knowledge of British Insects. London.

Parent taxon: Heterotremata according to R. M. Feldmann et al. 2003

See also Samouelle 1819, Schweitzer and Feldmann 2002 and Todd and Collins 2005

Sister taxa: Calappoidea, Leucosioidea, Portunoidea, Retroplumidae

Subtaxa: Epialtidae Hymenosomatidae Inachidae Inachoididae Majidae Oregoniidae Priscinachidae

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Ecology: carnivore

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