†family Psalisauridae Lambe 1918 (ornithischian)

Reptilia - Ornithischia - Psalisauridae

Full reference: L. M. Lambe. 1918. The Cretaceous genus Stegoceras typifying a new family referred provisionally to the Stegosauria. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, series 3 12:23-36

Parent taxon: Stegosauria according to L. M. Lambe 1918

See also Brown and Schlaikjer 1943 and Gilmore 1924

Sister taxa: Amargastegos, Chialingosaurus, Chialingosaurus kuani, Craterosaurus, Deltapodus, Eoplophysis, Euscelosaurus, Ferganastegos, Garbina, Huayangosauridae, Huayangosaurus, Lexovisaurus durobrivensis, Luluichnus, Monkonosaurus, Nodosauroidea, Omosaurus leedsi, Paranthodon, Rigalitidae, Saldamosaurus, Stegopodus, Stegosauridae, Stegosaurus sulcatus, Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus ordosensis

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Psalisauridae in the database

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