Platyceras (Platyostoma) Conrad 1842

Gastropoda - Euomphalina - Platyceratidae

Alternative spelling: Platyostoma

Synonyms: Diaphorostoma Fischer 1885, Exogyroceras Meek and Worthen 1868, Ostlerina Talent and Philip 1956, Platycerina Miller 1889

Full reference: T. A. Conrad. 1842. Observations on the Silurian and Devonian systems of the United States, with descriptions of new organic remains. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 8(2):228-280

Parent taxon: Platyceras according to J. B. Knight et al. 1960

See also Bouchet et al. 2005, Knight 1941, Talent and Philip 1956 and Waagen 1880

Sister taxa: Platyceras (Euthyrachis), Platyceras (Platyceras), Platyceras (Tubomphalus), Platyceras (Visitator), Platyceras abundans, Platyceras ammon, Platyceras angulatum, Platyceras angustum, Platyceras argo, Platyceras attenuatum, Platyceras auriculatum, Platyceras billingsi, Platyceras bistrami, Platyceras bucculentum, Platyceras callossum, Platyceras canalicatum, Platyceras carinatum, Platyceras chapmani, Platyceras colonus, Platyceras columbinus, Platyceras compressum, Platyceras compressum, Platyceras compressus, Platyceras contortum, Platyceras contortus, Platyceras cordatus, Platyceras crassum, Platyceras cymbium, Platyceras decorum, Platyceras dilatans, Platyceras dilatatum, Platyceras disciforme, Platyceras dormitans, Platyceras duriculatum, Platyceras eberti, Platyceras echinatum, Platyceras edmundi, Platyceras elongatum, Platyceras encloides, Platyceras erectum, Platyceras evolutus, Platyceras expansus, Platyceras fecundum, Platyceras galeritus, Platyceras gaspense, Platyceras gibbosum, Platyceras glenparkensis, Platyceras gracilis, Platyceras guesnini, Platyceras hainensis, Platyceras haliotis, Platyceras haliotoides, Platyceras hebes, Platyceras holzapfeli, Platyceras humulus, Platyceras kahlebergensis, Platyceras laevicostatum, Platyceras latum, Platyceras leboutillieri, Platyceras lejeunii, Platyceras magnificum, Platyceras mansfieldense, Platyceras marylandicum, Platyceras minutum, Platyceras multiplicatus, Platyceras munsteriana, Platyceras nasutum, Platyceras nettersheimensis, Platyceras niagarensis, Platyceras nodosum, Platyceras oehlerti, Platyceras oxynotum, Platyceras paralium, Platyceras patelliforme, Platyceras pericompsus, Platyceras perneri, Platyceras platystomum, Platyceras plicatile, Platyceras priscum, Platyceras producti, Platyceras pulcherrimum, Platyceras rarispinum, Platyceras reflexum, Platyceras richtum, Platyceras rictum, Platyceras robustum, Platyceras sigmoidale, Platyceras sinuatum, Platyceras spirale, Platyceras squamosus, Platyceras steinmanni, Platyceras subrotundum, Platyceras subumbonatum, Platyceras symmetricum, Platyceras terminalis, Platyceras thetis, Platyceras trilobatum, Platyceras trojani, Platyceras uncinatus, Platyceras undata, Platyceras unicus, Platyceras ussheri, Platyceras verrucosum, Platyceras vetusta, Platyceras villmarensis, Platyceras yochelsoni, Platyceras zinkeni

Subtaxa: Platyostoma (Platyostoma) Platyostoma adstrictum Platyostoma allardycei Platyostoma antiquuis Platyostoma boggsi Platyostoma brownsportense Platyostoma cliftonensis Platyostoma cornutum Platyostoma daytonense Platyostoma deforme Platyostoma delicata Platyostoma desmatum Platyostoma euomphaloides Platyostoma gebhardi Platyostoma grayvillensis Platyostoma hemispherica Platyostoma humile Platyostoma humilis Platyostoma incisum Platyostoma indica Platyostoma insolita Platyostoma invictus Platyostoma irrasum Platyostoma lineata Platyostoma lutheri Platyostoma modesta Platyostoma muitissima Platyostoma naticoides Platyostoma niagarensis Platyostoma pastillus Platyostoma perceense Platyostoma perforatum Platyostoma plebeium Platyostoma pleurotoma Platyostoma rotundatum Platyostoma rowei Platyostoma speciosum Platyostoma strophius Platyostoma subglobosa Platyostoma triangularis Platyostoma tumidum Platyostoma turbinata Platyostoma unisulcata Platyostoma ventricosum

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• Permian of China (4 collections), Pakistan (5), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (1)

• Devonian of Australia (2), Austria (2), Brazil (7), Canada (3: Manitoba, Quebec), Colombia (3), France (1), Germany (1), Kazakhstan (2), Morocco (1), the United Kingdom (3), United States (94: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia), Venezuela (2)

• Silurian to Devonian of Argentina (1)

• Silurian of Argentina (1), Canada (16: Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec), Estonia (3), Greenland (2), Italy (1), Norway (3), the Russian Federation (2), Sweden (16), United States (38: Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin)

Total: 214 collections including 241 occurrences

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