Inoceramus anglicus Woods 1911 (clam)

Bivalvia - Myalinida - Inoceramidae

Belongs to Inoceramus according to M. R. Cooper 1982

See also Imlay 1961 and Jagt et al. 2007

Sister taxa: Epiceramus, Inoceramus (Cordiceramus), Inoceramus (Endocostea), Inoceramus (Heroceramus), Inoceramus (Inoceramus), Inoceramus (Mytiloceramus), Inoceramus (Platyceramus), Inoceramus (Volviceramus), Inoceramus acutus, Inoceramus aduncus, Inoceramus aequicostatus, Inoceramus albertensis, Inoceramus altifluminis, Inoceramus amakusensis, Inoceramus americanus, Inoceramus andinus, Inoceramus anilis, Inoceramus anomalus, Inoceramus anomiaeformis, Inoceramus apicalis, Inoceramus arvanus, Inoceramus baumanni, Inoceramus brownei, Inoceramus camerunensis, Inoceramus carsoni, Inoceramus chicoensis, Inoceramus colonicus, Inoceramus congoensis, Inoceramus contracostae, Inoceramus corpulentus, Inoceramus costatus, Inoceramus costellatus, Inoceramus coulthardi, Inoceramus coxi, Inoceramus cripsii, Inoceramus cuvieri, Inoceramus digitatus, Inoceramus dimidius, Inoceramus dominguesi, Inoceramus dowlingi, Inoceramus dunveganensis, Inoceramus duplicostatus, Inoceramus elburzensis, Inoceramus elliotti, Inoceramus eolobatus, Inoceramus everesti, Inoceramus expansus, Inoceramus ezoensis, Inoceramus fibrosus, Inoceramus formosulus, Inoceramus fragilis, Inoceramus frechi, Inoceramus galoi, Inoceramus gervillioides, Inoceramus gibbosus, Inoceramus ginterensis, Inoceramus glacierensis, Inoceramus gradilis, Inoceramus hamadae, Inoceramus hobetsensis, Inoceramus hoppenstedtensis, Inoceramus howelli, Inoceramus incelebratus, Inoceramus inconditus, Inoceramus jacksonensis, Inoceramus klamathensis, Inoceramus kuskokwimensis, Inoceramus kystatymensis, Inoceramus lamarcki, Inoceramus lateris, Inoceramus longealatus, Inoceramus meekianus, Inoceramus mendocinoensis, Inoceramus mesabiensis, Inoceramus morii, Inoceramus multiformis, Inoceramus mungoensis, Inoceramus mytiliformis, Inoceramus niger, Inoceramus nigrata, Inoceramus nipponicus, Inoceramus obliquus, Inoceramus ovatoides, Inoceramus ovatus, Inoceramus pacificus, Inoceramus pembertoni, Inoceramus pennatulus, Inoceramus pontoni, Inoceramus porrectus, Inoceramus prefragilis, Inoceramus problematicus, Inoceramus pseudolucifer, Inoceramus quenstedti, Inoceramus rectangulus, Inoceramus robertsoni, Inoceramus salisburgensis, Inoceramus saskatchewanensis, Inoceramus schmidti, Inoceramus scotti, Inoceramus selwyni, Inoceramus shikotanensis, Inoceramus simplex, Inoceramus simpsoni, Inoceramus sokolovi, Inoceramus stantoni, Inoceramus steinmanni, Inoceramus subdepressus, Inoceramus subundatus, Inoceramus tenuirostratus, Inoceramus teshioensis, Inoceramus turgidus, Inoceramus udylensis, Inoceramus undabundus, Inoceramus ussuriensis, Inoceramus vallejoensis, Inoceramus vancouverensis, Inoceramus virgatus, Inoceramus whitneyi, Inoceramus yabei, Rhachidoceramus, Rhachidoceramus (Oncoceramus)

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder


• Cretaceous of Angola (1 collection), Antarctica (2), Canada (2: Northwest Territories, Nunavut), Colombia (12), Ecuador (1), France (2), Germany (9), Greenland (5), Japan (4), Mexico (2), Spain (1), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (1), United States (1: Wyoming)

Total: 43 collections each including a single occurrence

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