Zeacolpus (Stiracolpus) Finlay 1926 (turret shell)

Gastropoda - Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae

Alternative spellings: Stiracolpus, Turritella (Stiracolpus)

Parent taxon: Zeacolpus according to W. D. Allmon 1996

See also Beu et al. 1990, Iqbal 1973 and Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Zeacolpus (Leptocolpus), Zeacolpus (Zeacolpus), Zeacolpus bartoni, Zeacolpus chattonensis, Zeacolpus pukeuriensis

Subtaxa: Turritella (Stiracolpus) harnaiensis Turritella (Stiracolpus) pakistanica

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Ecology: facultatively mobile semi-infaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of New Zealand (1 collection)

• Pliocene of New Zealand (1)

• Miocene of New Zealand (1)

• Eocene of Pakistan (10)

• Paleocene to Eocene of Pakistan (1)

Total: 14 collections each including a single occurrence

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