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Crassatellites nipponicus

Bivalvia - Carditida - Crassatellidae


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Sister species
Crassatella antestriata, Crassatella aquiana (syn. Crassatella sepulcollis, Crassatella halei), Crassatella arcacea, Crassatella astartiformis, Crassatella carcarensis, Crassatella carolinensis, Crassatella compressa, Crassatella corioensis, Crassatella corrugata, Crassatella cygnea (syn. Crassatella turgida, Crassatella gibba), Crassatella dennanti, Crassatella dennati, Crassatella densus, Crassatella desmaresti, Crassatella desvauxi, Crassatella elongata, Crassatella eutawcolens, Crassatella fusca, Crassatella gamma, Crassatella grandis, Crassatella granti, Crassatella haughtoni, Crassatella hauniensis, Crassatella hodgei (syn. C. roodensis), Crassatella kalitensis, Crassatella kroisbachensis, Crassatella lomana, Crassatella longior, Crassatella meganosensis, Crassatella mercedensis, Crassatella neorhynchus, Crassatella oenana, Crassatella patagonica, Crassatella pedroi, Crassatella plumbea, Crassatella portelli, Crassatella radiata, Crassatella rafaeli, Crassatella rhomboidea, Crassatella scutellaria, Crassatella subregularis, Crassatella sulcata, Crassatella symmetrica, Crassatella texalta, Crassatella trapaquara, Crassatella tumidula, Crassatella uvasana (syn. Astarte semidentata), Crassatella vadosa (syn. Crassatella subplana, Crassatella ripleyana), Crassatella willcoxi, C. altus, C. asakuraensis, C. berryi, C. brainerdi, C. branneri, C. camurus, C. claytonensis, C. dalli, C. exiguus, C. grandis, C. inconspicuus, C. lincolnensis, C. maroimensis, C. matsuraensis, C. merriami, C. negreetensis, C. neusensis, C. paramesus, C. stewartvillensis, C. stillwaterensis, C. studleyi, C. texana, C. triangulatus, C. tuscana, C. weaveri, C. yabei
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Synonymy list
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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassHeteroconchia(Cox 1960)
CardiomorphiFerussac 1822
CarditioniDall 1889
orderCarditida(Dall 1889)
superfamilyCrassatelloidea(FĂ©russac 1822)
familyCrassatellidaeFĂ©russac 1822
genusCrassatellitesLamarck 1799

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