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Pecten (Chlamys) satoi

Bivalvia - Pectinida - Pectinidae

Pecten (Chlamys) satoi was named by Yokoyama (1928) [DISTRIBUTION: Early Pleistocene; Japan.]. It is not a trace fossil.

Sister species lacking formal opinion data
Chlamys ambigua, Chlamys austriatus, Chlamys balatonicus, Chlamys bavarica, Chlamys burlesonensis, Chlamys calva, Chlamys chathamensis, Chlamys cocoana, Chlamys compitum, Chlamys cossmanni, Chlamys decorata, Chlamys dewalquei, Chlamys discors, Chlamys falgeri, Chlamys ferniensis, Chlamys gizhigensis, Chlamys glabra, Chlamys gracilisquamosa, Chlamys guerangeri, Chlamys hinnitiformis, Chlamys hopkinsi, Chlamys jamensis, Chlamys jamviensis, Chlamys jinvalensis, Chlamys laurae, Chlamys liveoakensis, Chlamys luciensis, Chlamys matapwaensis, Chlamys michellesmithi, Chlamys mojsisovicsi, Chlamys multiformis, Chlamys noricus, Chlamys pertinax, Chlamys proprius, Chlamys riggsi, Chlamys s., Chlamys salamanca, Chlamys scrabrellus, Chlamys senatrius, Chlamys septemplicatus, Chlamys simpsoni, Chlamys subaequicostata, Chlamys subalternicostatus, Chlamys subliliemensis, Chlamys subtextoria, Chlamys subulatae, Chlamys tauroperstriata, Chlamys textroia, Chlamys townsendi, Chlamys tullbergi, Chlamys turomtchensis, Chlamys vaughani, Chlamys vaun, Chlamys vaunwythei, Chlamys vidali, Chlamys vodopadnyensis, Chlamys wahtubbeanus, Chlamys flabellum, Chlamys judaica, Chlamys perrugosa, Chlamys nipponensis, Chlamys spinulosa, Chlamys concinnatus, Chlamys nipponensis, Chlamys crocus, Chlamys proximus, Chlamys subarticulatus, Chlamys transdanubialis, Chlamys burnetti, Chlamys nicholsi, Chlamys broilii, Chlamys fassaensis, Chlamys paronai, Chlamys schroeteri, P. acanikos, P. amuricus, P. benedictus, P. biddeleana, P. cererideditus, P. chathamensis, P. convexior, P. costellorum, P. daudeleus, P. dutrugei, P. fuschi, P. glyptus, P. laevicostatus, P. lenzi, P. octoplicatus, P. paulensis, P. praemissus, P. subaequicostatus, P. tournali, P. kikaiensis, P. northamptoni, P. nicholsi, P. bosniascki, P. serviceus, P. condylomaius, P. jeffersonius, P. tamiamiensis, P. excavatus, P. aduncus, P. byramensis, P. evergladensis

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1928Pecten (Chlamys) satoi Yokoyama p. 94 figs. pl. 13, figs. 13, 14

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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassPteriomorphia(Beurlen 1944)
OstreomorphiFerussac 1822
OstreioniFerussac 1822
OstreataFerussac 1822
superorderOstreiformiiFerussac 1822
orderPectinida(Gray 1854)
suborderPectinidina(Adams and Adams 1858)
superfamilyPectinoideaRafinesque 1815
PectinoidaeRafinesque 1815
familyPectinidaeWilkes 1810
genusPectenRöding 1798
speciessatoiYokoyama 1928

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