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Gastropoda - Strombidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1841Rimella Agasiz
1864Rostellaria (Rimella) Gabb p. 123
1889Ectinochilus Cossmann p. 91
1889Rimella (Ectinochilus) Cossmann p. 91
1899Rostellaria (Rimella) Martin p. 192
1911Dientomochilus (Ectinochilus) Cossmann and Pissarro
1922Dientomochilus (Ectinochilus) Woods p. 92
1923Cowlitzia Clark and Palmer p. 283
1928Rimella Nagao p. 105
1931Ectinochilus Olsson p. 88
1931Rimella Olsson p. 93
1938Rimella Turner p. 94
1967Rimella Abbass p. 53
1967Ectinochilus Abbass p. 54
1973Rimella Iqbal p. 24
1984Ectinochilus Squires p. 21
1986Tibia (Rimella) Springstein and Leobrera p. 68
1987Ectinochilus Squires p. 32
1988Ectinochilus Squires p. 12
1992Ectinochilus Squires and Demetrion p. 30
1992Ectinochilus (Cowlitzia) Squires and Demetrion p. 30
1993Rimella Wilson p. 159
2002Cowlitzia Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Ectinochilus Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Rimella Sepkoski, Jr.
2004Rimella Harzhauser p. 127
2008Rimella Quaggiotto and Mellini p. 48
2013Ectinochilus Garvie p. 138
2013Ectinochilus (Cowlitzia) Garvie p. 138
2013Rimella Squires p. 828

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
superorderHypsogastropoda(Ponder and Lindberg 1997)
infraorderLittorinimorphaGolikov and Starobogtov 1975
superfamilyStromboidea(Rafinesque 1815)
familyStrombidaeRafinesque 1815
genusRimellaAgasiz 1841

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

R. L. Squires 2013Shell up to height 42 mm. Protoconch high, conical, multi-whorled (up to four whorls), and smooth (see Wrigley, 1938, pl. 4, figs. 12, 19). Teleoconch up to eight and one-half whorls. Ornament weak to strong. Varices can be present and can be somewhat aligned in posterior canal region. Posterior canal narrow, variable length, ascending along right side of shell toward apex, can cover apex, and commonly continues short distance onto dorsal side of shell. Outer lip simple, unflared, rarely with medial indentation, and reflected (if stromboid notch not present) with gutter (channel) along adaxial margin. Anterior end of gutter can have tongue-like depression that can be coincident with hook-like projection; anterior end rarely abruptly terminated. Stromboid notch commonly absent; if present, commonly prominent but can be variable in strength of development. Siphon moderately wide and short, outer side can be pointed. Siphonal canal with siphonal fasciole (Bandel, 2007, p. 124; herein).