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Cassitella baculata

- Coleolidae

Cassitella baculata was named by Malinky and Skovsted (2004). Its type specimen is MGUH 27130, a shell, and it is not a trace fossil. Its type locality is GGU 314807 - Albert Heim Bjerge, which is in a Dyeran carbonate limestone in the Bastion Formation of Greenland. It is the type species of Cassitella.

Synonymy list
YearName and author
2004Cassitella baculata Malinky and Skovsted p. 574 fig. 15

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J. M. Malinky and C.B. Skovsted 2004Generally cap−shaped shell of near circular to
subtriangular outline, with rounded knob−like apex displaced
to about one third the distance toward the proximal side of the
shell. Angle of dip between apex and both distal and proximal
areas equal in some individuals, but other individuals with
shell curving upward between apex and proximal edge result−
ing in a saddle−shaped profile. Surface with fine, widely and
generally equally spaced concentric ribs and narrow depres−
sions between ribs. Two rod−like and widely diverging ridges
on the internal surface emanating from proximal edge of shell.
Ridges are attached to one side of shell but free on the opposite
side where they terminate in a straight, rounded edge. Termi−
nation of ridges rounded, usually divided into lobes. The shell
is relatively thick (up to 0.35 mm) and the interior surface
often has a finely pitted ornamentation.