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Archaeoceti (disused)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla

Archaeoceti was named by Flower (1883). It is not extant. It was considered paraphyletic by Fordyce and Roberts (2009).

It was synonymized subjectively with Zeuglodontia by Gregory (1910); it was replaced with Zeuglodontes by Hay (1930); it was reranked as the order Archaeoceti by Benham (1937); it was reranked as the infraorder Archaeoceti by McKenna and Bell (1997) and Bouetel and Muizon (2006); it was reranked as the unranked clade Archaeoceti by Bianucci and Landini (2007).

It was assigned to Zeuglodonta by Trouessart (1898); to Creodonta by Fraas (1904); to Odontoceti by Van Deinse (1931); to Cetacea by McKenna and Bell (1997); to Cetacea by Flower (1883), Lydekker (1887), Cope (1889), Cope (1890), Flower and Lydekker (1891), Zittel (1894), Parker and Haswell (1897), Case (1904), Andrews (1906), Abel (1919), Miller (1923), Zittel (1925), Portis (1925), Slijper (1936), Kellogg (1936), Simpson (1945), Harland et al. (1967), Mchedlidze (1970), McKenna (1975), Whitmore and Sanders (1977), Thurmond and Jones (1981), Barnes et al. (1985), Kumar and Sahni (1985), Hooker (1986), Carroll (1988), Benton (1993), Fordyce and Barnes (1994), Fordyce et al. (1995), Uhen (1996), Kohler and Fordyce (1997), Rice (1998), Bergqvist et al. (1999), Uhen (2001), Fordyce and de Muizon (2001), Rice (2002), Geisler and Sanders (2003), Uhen (2004), Gingerich (2005), Bouetel and Muizon (2006), Bianucci and Landini (2007), Gingerich (2007), McLeod and Barnes (2008), Gingerich et al. (2009), Fordyce and Roberts (2009), Fitzgerald (2010), Bianucci and Gingerich (2011), Gingerich (2012), Abu El-kheir et al. (2013), Hautier et al. (2014), Gingerich and Zouhri (2015), Gingerich (2015) and Gao and Ni (2015); and to Cetacea by Benham (1937) and Hernández Cisneros et al. (2017).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1853Zeuglodontes Pictet p. 375
1871Zeuglodontia Gill p. 122
1872Zeuglodontia Gill p. 92
1873Zeuglodontia Gill p. 27
1883Archaeoceti Flower p. 182
1887Archaeoceti Lydekker p. 49
1889Hydrothereuta Ameghino p. 353
1889Zeuglodonta Ameghino p. 353
1889Archaeoceti Cope p. 876
1890Archaeoceti Cope p. 601
1891Archaeoceti Flower and Lydekker p. 89
1894Archaeoceti Zittel p. 167
1897Archaeoceti Parker and Haswell p. 450
1898Archaeoceti Trouessart p. 1009
1898Zeuglodonta Trouessart p. 1009
1902Zeuglodontes Hay p. 585
1904Archaeoceti Case p. 4
1904Archaeoceti Fraas p. 220
1904Zeuglodonta Trouessart p. 753
1906Archaeoceti Andrews p. 234
1910Zeuglodontia Gregory p. 466
1919Archaeoceti Abel p. 749
1923Archaeoceti Miller p. 40
1925Archaeoceti Portis p. 14
1925Archaeoceti Zittel p. 84
1930Zeuglodontes Hay p. 657
1931Archaeoceti Van Deinse p. 33
1936Archaeoceti Kellogg p. 12
1936Archaeoceti Slijper p. 539
1937Archaeoceti Benham p. 1
1945Archaeoceti Simpson p. 100
1967Archaeoceti Harland et al. p. 774
1970Archaeoceti Mchedlidze p. 50
1975Archaeoceti McKenna p. 43
1977Archaeoceti Whitmore and Sanders p. 305
1981Archaeoceti Thurmond and Jones p. 192
1985Archaeoceti Barnes et al. p. 25
1985Archaeoceti Kumar and Sahni p. 153
1986Archaeoceti Hooker p. 342
1988Archaeoceti Carroll
1993Archaeoceti Benton p. 761
1994Archaeoceti Fordyce and Barnes p. 428 figs. Table 1
1995Archaeoceti Fordyce et al. p. 379
1996Archaeoceti Uhen p. 37
1997Archaeoceti Kohler and Fordyce p. 575
1997Archaeoceti McKenna and Bell p. 368
1998Archaeoceti Rice
1999Archaeoceti Bergqvist et al. p. 31
2001Archaeoceti Fordyce and de Muizon p. 176
2001Archaeoceti Uhen p. 135
2002Archaeoceti Rice p. 231 figs. Table 1
2003Archaeoceti Geisler and Sanders p. 27
2004Archaeoceti Uhen p. 11
2005Archaeoceti Gingerich p. 237 figs. Table 15.1
2006Archaeoceti Bouetel and Muizon p. 383
2007Archaeoceti Bianucci and Landini p. 45 figs. Table 2.1
2007Archaeoceti Gingerich p. 366
2008Archaeoceti McLeod and Barnes p. 74
2009Archaeoceti Fordyce and Roberts p. 553
2009Archaeoceti Gingerich et al. p. 3
2010Archaeoceti Fitzgerald p. 370 figs. Table 1
2011Archaeoceti Bianucci and Gingerich p. 1175
2012Archaeoceti Gingerich p. 313 figs. Figure 4
2013Archaeoceti Abu El-kheir et al. p. 462
2014Archaeoceti Hautier et al. p. e2
2015Archaeoceti Gao and Ni p. 156 figs. Table 1
2015Archaeoceti Gingerich p. 164
2015Archaeoceti Gingerich and Zouhri p. 276
2017Archaeoceti Hernández Cisneros et al. p. 161

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)

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