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Reptilia - Testudines

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1851Trionyx priscus Leidy
1865Trionyx priscus Leidy p. 113
1868Trionyx cellulosus Cope p. 142
1869Trionyx halophilus Cope p. 12
1869Trionyx lima Cope p. 12 figs. Plate VII, Fig. 14
1869Trionyx pennatus Cope p. 12
1869Trionyx priscus Cope p. 329
1869Trionyx guttatus Leidy p. 66
1870Trionyx halophilus Cope p. 151
1870Trionyx pennatus Cope p. 152
1870Trionyx buiei Cope p. 153
1870Trionyx lima Cope p. 153 figs. Plate VII, Fig. 14
1871Anostira molopina Cope p. 461
1871Anostira oedemia Cope p. 461
1871Anostira trionychoides Cope p. 461
1871Trionyx concentricus Cope p. 461
1872Plastomenus trionychoides Cope
1873Plastomenus molopinus Cope
1873Plastomenus multifoveatus Cope
1873Plastomenus oedemius Cope
1873Plastomenus trionychoides Cope
1873Trionyx guttatus Cope
1873Trionyx heteroglyptus Cope
1873Plastomenus multifoveatus Cope p. 278
1873Trionyx guttatus Leidy
1874Plastomenus insignis Cope p. 29
1874Plastomenus punctulatus Cope p. 29
1874Trionyx vagans Cope p. 29
1874Plastomenus lachrymalis Cope p. 603
1875Plastomenus lachrymalis Cope
1875Trionyx vagans Cope
1875Plastomenus coalescens Cope p. 9
1875Plastomenus costatus Cope p. 9
1875Plastomenus catenatus Cope p. 35
1875Plastomenus communis Cope p. 35
1875Plastomenus corrugatus Cope p. 35
1875Plastomenus fractus Cope p. 35
1875Plastomenus lachrymalis Cope p. 35
1875Trionyx cariosus Cope p. 35
1875Trionyx leptomitus Cope p. 35
1875Trionyx radulus Cope p. 35
1875Plastomenus costatus Cope pp. 94, 261 figs. plate 8, fig. 8
1875Plastomenus insignis Cope p. 95
1875Trionyx lima Cope p. 362
1875Plastomenus insignis Cope pp. 433, 454
1875Plastomenus punctulatus Cope p. 453
1877Plastomenus communis Cope
1877Plastomenus corrugatus Cope
1877Plastomenus lachrymalis Cope
1877Plastomenus multifoveatus Cope
1877Plastomenus serialis Cope
1877Trionyx cariosus Cope
1877Trionyx guttatus Cope
1877Trionyx leptomitus Cope
1877Trionyx radulus Cope
1877Trionyx ventricosus Cope
1877Plastomenus serialis Cope p. 537 figs. Plate 98, fig. 13; Plate 109, figs 1-4; Text-figs 694-696
1884Plastomenus molopinus Cope
1884Plastomenus multifoveatus Cope
1884Plastomenus oedemius Cope
1884Plastomenus trionychoides Cope
1884Trionyx concentricus Cope
1884Trionyx guttatus Cope
1884Trionyx heteroglyptus Cope
1884Trionyx radulus Cope
1891Trionyx punctiger Cope p. 5
1895Trionyx virginiana Clark p. 4
1895Trionyx virginianus Clark p. 4
1901Procyclanorbis sardus Portis
1902Plastomenus communis Hay
1902Plastomenus corrugatus Hay
1902Plastomenus costatus Hay
1902Plastomenus fractus Hay
1902Plastomenus insignis Hay
1902Plastomenus lachrymalis Hay
1902Plastomenus molopinus Hay
1902Plastomenus oedemius Hay
1902Plastomenus punctulatus Hay
1902Plastomenus serialis Hay
1902Plastomenus trionychoides Hay
1902Trionyx buiei Hay
1902Trionyx cariosus Hay
1902Trionyx cellulosus Hay
1902Trionyx coalescens Hay
1902Trionyx concentricus Hay
1902Trionyx guttatus Hay
1902Trionyx halophilus Hay
1902Trionyx heteroglyptus Hay
1902Trionyx leptomitus Hay
1902Trionyx lima Hay
1902Trionyx pennatus Hay
1902Trionyx priscus Hay
1902Trionyx punctiger Hay
1902Trionyx radulus Hay
1902Trionyx vagans Hay
1902Trionyx ventricosus Hay
1902Trionyx virginianus Hay
1902Trionyx vagans Lambe p. 36
1904Trionyx cellulosus Case p. 60
1907Platypeltis antiqua Hay p. 859
1907Platypeltis amnicola Hay p. 860
1907Platypeltis trepida Hay p. 862
1907Platypeltis serialis Hay p. 863
1908Amyda salebrosa Hay
1908Plastomenus costatus Hay p. 468 figs. Plate 85, figs. 1, 2
1908Plastomenus punctulatus Hay p. 468
1908Plastomenus catenatus Hay p. 470 figs. Plate 86, fig. i
1908Plastomenus leptomitus Hay p. 471 figs. Plate 86, fig. 2; text-fig. 630
1908Plastomenus fractus Hay p. 472 figs. Plate 86, fig. 4
1908Plastomenus lachrymalis Hay p. 472
1908Plastomenus communis Hay p. 473 figs. Plate 86, figs. 6-8
1908Plastomenus corrugatus Hay p. 473 figs. Plate 86, fig. 5
1908Plastomenus oedemius Hay p. 479 figs. Figs. 640, 641
1908Plastomenus molopinus Hay p. 492 figs. Plate 85, fig. 3; text-fig. 642
1908Aspideretes vagans Hay p. 497 figs. Plate 96, fig. 3
1908Aspideretes coalescens Hay pp. 498-499 figs. Plate 88, fig. 6; plate 90, fig. 1; text-fig. 645
1908Aspideretes guttatus Hay p. 503 figs. Text-figs. 663, 664
1908Amyda prisca Hay p. 512 figs. Plate 97, figs. 2-6
1908Amyda halophila Hay p. 513 figs. Plate 96, figs. 4, 5
1908Amyda pennata Hay p. 514 figs. Plate 96, fig. 6
1908Amyda cariosa Hay p. 515 figs. Plate 86, figs. 9, 10
1908Amyda virginiana Hay p. 515 figs. Plate 96, figs. 7, 8; text-figs. 670, 671
1908Amyda ventricosa Hay p. 516 figs. Plate 98, figs. 1-6
1908Amyda radula Hay p. 517 figs. Plate 86, figs. 11, 12
1908Amyda concentrica Hay p. 520 figs. Plate 98, figs. 7-10
1908Amyda salebrosa Hay p. 524 figs. Plate 10+, fig. 1; text-fig. 680
1908Amyda egregia Hay p. 531 figs. Plate 107, figs. 1-3; text-fig. 691
1908Amyda lima Hay p. 533 figs. Plate 98, fig. 2
1908Amyda buiei Hay p. 534 figs. Plate 98, fig. 11
1908Amyda cellulosa Hay p. 534
1908Platypeltis antiqua Hay p. 537 fig. 693
1908Platypeltis serialis Hay p. 537
1908Platypeltis amnicola Hay p. 540 fig. 697
1908Platypeltis trepida Hay p. 541 fig. 698
1908Platypeltis trionychoides Hay p. 541
1908Platypeltis heteroglypta Hay p. 543 figs. Plate 98, fig. 14; plate 101, fig. 2; text-figs. 701, 702
1910Aspideretes amnigenus Hay
1915Amyda egregia Gilmore p. 156
1919Plastomenus torrejonensis Gilmore p. 55 figs. Pl. 19:2
1919Aspideretes perplexus Gilmore p. 60 figs. Pl. 19:1
1967Trionyx halophilus Miller p. 226
1982Trionyx quinni Holman p. 32 figs. 2-5
1986Plastomenus torrejonensis Sullivan and Lucas p. 204
1988Aspideretes virginianus Weems p. 118
1996Apalone amnicola Hutchison p. 340
1996Apalone heteroglypta Hutchison p. 340
1996Apalone trionychoides Hutchison p. 340
2000Hummelichelys guttatus Chkhikvadze
2000Rafetus (Axestemys) salebrosa Chkhikvadze
2004Pantrionychidae Joyce et al.
2014Aspideretoides virginianus Weems
2015Pantrionychidae Vitek and Joyce

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
Testudinata(Oppel 1811)
orderTestudinesBatsch 1788
PantrionychidaeJoyce et al. 2004
PantrionychidaeJoyce et al. 2004

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

No diagnoses are available