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Turritella (Tomyris)

Gastropoda - Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae

Turritella (Tomyris) was named by Michailovski (1912) [Sepkoski's age data: T Ol]. Its type is Turritella (Tomyris) aralica.

It was replaced with Motyris by Eames (1952); it was reranked as Tomyris by Sepkoski (2002).

It was assigned to Turritella by Michailovski (1912); and to Neotaenioglossa by Sepkoski (2002).

Species lacking formal opinion data
Turritella adela, Turritella agronomica, Turritella alcida, Turritella altiliroides, Turritella ameghinoi, Turritella anguillana, Turritella biplicata, Turritella boycensis, Turritella buwaldana, Turritella callizona, Turritella capensis, Turritella carezi, Turritella carninata, Turritella caseyi, Turritella chalybeatensis, Turritella chichibuensis, Turritella cobbani, Turritella codellana, Turritella collazica, Turritella conspicablis, Turritella crocus, Turritella diastropha, Turritella difficilis, Turritella distincta, Turritella falconensis, Turritella fascialiis, Turritella fischeri, Turritella forgemoli, Turritella gardnerae, Turritella hilli, Turritella inezana, Turritella inframarginata, Turritella jenkinsi, Turritella kauffmani, Turritella knysnaensis, Turritella kowiensis, Turritella laevissima, Turritella lajollaensis, Turritella lawsoni, Turritella leonensis, Turritella lineolata, Turritella litharia, Turritella malaspina, Turritella margaritana, Turritella mcnairyensis, Turritella megalobasis, Turritella meunieri, Turritella millepunctata, Turritella ministeri, Turritella molarium, Turritella monserratensis, Turritella multilinata, Turritella mundula, Turritella neusensis, Turritella pagodaeformis, Turritella paraensis, Turritella pelusae, Turritella peninsularis, Turritella perrieri, Turritella peterseni, Turritella pirabica, Turritella pllanigyrata, Turritella pontoni, Turritella poronaiensis, Turritella premimetes, Turritella premortoni, Turritella robertiana, Turritella rostrata, Turritella rubricollis, Turritella soaresana, Turritella submortoni, Turritella tanaguraensis, Turritella triplicata, Turritella vaderensis, Turritella variata, Turritella venezuelana, Turritella wagneriana, Turritella waltonensis, Turritella wasana, Turritella webbi, Turritella wiedenmayeri

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1912Turritella (Tomyris) Michailovski
2002Tomyris Sepkoski, Jr.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
orderSorbeoconchaPonder and Lindberg 1997
superfamilyCerithioidea(Férussac 1819)
familyTurritellidaeLovén 1847
subfamilyTurritellinaeLovén 1847
genusTurritellaLamarck 1799
subgenusTomyrisMichailovski 1912

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