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Iguanodon mantelli

Reptilia -

Iguanodon mantelli was named by Meyer (1832). Its type specimen is BMNH R.3791 and is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Rockhill Quarry, Maidstone Iguanodon, which is in an Aptian marine limestone in the Hythe Formation of the United Kingdom.

It was synonymized subjectively with Iguanodon atherfieldensis by Norman and Weishampel (1990), Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. (1998), Blows (1998) and Norman (2004); it was synonymized subjectively with Iguanodon anglicus by Pereda Suberbiola and Ruiz-Omeñaca (2013).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1832Iguanodon mantelli Meyer p. 110
1842Iguanodon mantelli Owen p. 120
1849Iguanodon mantelli d'Orbigny p. 206
1851Iguanodon mantelli Owen figs. Pl. 33-37
1852Iguanodon mantellii Gervais pp. 9 (v3)
1853Iguanodon mantelli Pictet p. 472
1854Iguanodon mantelli Mantell p. 693
1855Iguanodon mantelli Owen p. 2
1859Iguanodon mantellii Gervais p. 467
1861Iguanodon mantelli Owen
1861Iguanodon mantelli Quenstedt p. 620
1866Iguanodon mantelli Haeckel p. CXXXVI
1869Iguanodon mantelli Fox p. 65
1869Iguanodon mantelli Seeley p. xix
1870Iguanodon mantelli Huxley p. 7
1872Iguanodon mantelli Owen figs. Pl. I
1873Iguanodon mantelli Owen p. 532
1874Iguanodon mantelli Owen p. 7
1874Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 15
1879Iguanodon mantelli Prestwich p. 193
1881Iguanodon mantelli Boulenger p. 3
1881Iguanodon mantelli Van Beneden p. 600
1882Iguanodon mantelli Dollo
1882Iguanodon mantelli Hulke p. 137
1882Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 39
1883Iguanodon mantelli Dollo p. 116
1883Iguanodon mantelli Moseley p. 440
1883Iguanodon mantelli Seeley p. 60
1884Iguanodon mantelli Dames p. 186
1884Iguanodon mantelli Dollo p. 2
1884Iguanodon mantelli Hulke p. 51
1885Iguanodon mantelli Dollo p. 26
1885Iguanodon mantelli Woodward pp. 11-14
1886Iguanodon mantelli Winkler p. 182
1887Iguanodon mantelli Dollo p. 305
1887Iguanodon mantellii Koken p. 7
1887Iguanodon mantelli Seeley p. 80
1888Iguanodon mantelli Lydekker p. 46
1888Iguanodon mantellii Mansel-Pleydell p. 34
1888Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 626
1889Iguanodon mantelli Bristow et al. p. 13
1889Iguanodon mantelli Lydekker p. 355
1889Iguanodon mantelli Newton p. 260
1890Iguanodon mantellii Gaudry p. 223
1890Iguanodon mantelli Lydekker pp. 43-44
1890Iguanodon mantelli Woodward and Sherborn p. 243
1890Iguanodon mantelli Zittel p. 759
1892Iguanodon mantelli Dupont p. 89
1893Iguanodon mantelli Winkler p. 98
1894Iguanodon mantelli Struckmann p. 829
1895Iguanodon mantelli Woodward p. 289
1896Iguanodon mantelli Harmer p. 202
1896Iguanodon mantelli Mansel-Pleydell p. 119
1896Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 47
1897Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 874
1898Iguanodon mantelli Sauvage p. 9
1898Iguanodon mantelli Woodward p. 207
1900Iguanodon mantelli Nopcsa p. 562
1900Iguanodon mantelli Van Den Broeck p. 90
1901Iguanodon mantelli Gadow p. 429
1902Iguanodon mantelli Lambe p. 70
1902Iguanodon mantelli Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxxiii
1902Iguanodon mantelli Nopcsa p. 150
1902Iguanodon mantelli du Pauw p. 20
1905Iguanodon mantelli Lambe p. 24
1910Iguanodon mantelli Hay p. 16
1911Iguanodon mantelli von Zittel p. 291 fig. 438
1912Iguanodon mantelli Hooley p. 390
1913Iguanodon mantelli Tornier p. 371
1915Iguanodon mantelli Nopcsa p. 385
1927Iguanodon mantelli Royo y Gomez p. 127
1933Iguanodon mantelli Swinton p. 68
1934Iguonodon mantelli Stromer p. 63
1936Iguanodon mantelli Swinton p. 214
1947Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent p. 32
1952Iguanodon mantelli Rozhdestvensky p. 1244
1954Jguanodon mantelli Yuryev p. 204
1957Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent p. 109
1957Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent and Zbyszewski p. 46
1958Iguanodon mantelli Kuhn p. 26
1958Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent p. 1239
1960Iguanodon mantelli Bataller p. 160
1960Iguanodon mantelli Delair p. 85
1960Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent p. 19
1963Iguanodon mantelli Parsch p. 7
1964Iguanodon mantelli Kuhn p. 10
1964Iguanodon mantelli Tatarinov p. 558
1967Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent p. 10
1968Iguanodon mantelli Lapparent and Stchepinsky p. 1372
1969Iguanodon mantelli Quinet p. 30
1970Iguanodon mantelli Swinton pp. 208-209
1970Iguanodon mantelli Taquet p. 39
1975Iguanodon mantelli Galton and Jensen p. 668 fig. 1
1975Iguanodon mantelli Paton p. 17
1975Iguanodon mantelli Taquet p. 505
1975Iguanodon mantelli Thulborn p. 134
1976Iguanodon mantelli Antunes p. 21
1978Iguanodon mantelli Lehmann pp. 109-110
1980Iguanodon mantelli Buffetaut et al. p. 201
1980Iguanodon mantelli Molnar p. 140
1980Iguanodon mantelli Norman p. 13
1981Iguanodon mantelli Bartholomai and Molnar p. 343
1982Iguanodon mantelli Santafé et al. p. 124
1982Iguanodon mantelli Taquet p. 651
1983Iguanodon mantelli Blows p. 312
1983Iguanodon mantelli Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1984Iguanodon mantelli Sanz p. 503
1984Iguanodon mantelli Sanz et al. p. 209
1987Iguanodon mantelli Buscalioni and Sanz p. 66
1987Iguanodon mantelli Farlow p. 13
1992Iguanodon mantelli Cheevely and Chapman p. 334
1994Iguanodon mantelli Galton p. 257
1997Iguanodon mantelli Tallodi Posmosanu and Popa p. 37
1998Iguanodon mantelli Sarjeant et al. p. 188
1999Iguanodon mantelli Cuenca-Bescós et al. p. 237
2010Iguanodon mantelli Carpenter and Ishida p. 150–151

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1874
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

L. Dollo 1882Skull three times as long as wide, measuring around 50 centimeters. Nares projecting over two-thirds of the lower jaw. Greater diameter of the orbit horizontal. Temporal fossa reduced to a cleft. Minimum width of the scapula more than eight times its maximum length. Coracoid pierced by a foramen closed laterally by a suture, with rounded posterior border. Sternal plates straight and slightly indented interiorly. Forelimbs representing fairly close to half the hindlimbs. Manus laterally compressed and elongated. Reduced spike. Five vertebrae in the sacrum. Preacetabular projection of the ilium equal to around half the total length of this bone. Pubis short, thin, and very elevated. Third trochanter situated near the middle of the femur. Total length 5 to 6 meters.