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Metopaster parkinsoni

Asteroidea - Valvatida - Goniasteridae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) mantelli Forbes p. 472
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) parkinsoni Forbes p. 472
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) bowerbankii Forbes p. 473
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) rectilineus McCoy p. 408
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) mantelli Forbes p. 332 figs. pl. 23 fig. 11, 12
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) parkinsoni Forbes p. 332 figs. 332, pl. 21, fig. 10, 11, pl. 22, fig. 5
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) bowerbankii Forbes p. 333 figs. pl. 22 fig. 4
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) compactus Forbes p. 333 figs. pl. 22 fig. 3
1854Goniaster (Goniodiscus) bowerbankii Morris p. 81
1854Goniaster (Goniodiscus) mantelli Morris p. 81
1854Goniaster (Goniodiscus) rectilineus Morris p. 81
1862Astrogonium bowerbankii Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1862Astrogonium compactum Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1862Astrogonium mantelli Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1862Astrogonium parkinsoni Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1876Goniaster parkinsoni Quenstedt p. 59 figs. pl. 92, fig. 6-8
1876Goniaster bowerbankii Quenstedt p. 60 figs. pl. 92 fig. 10
1876Goniaster compactus Quenstedt p. 60 figs. pl. 92 fig. 9
1882Goniodiscus bowerbankii Carpenter p. 530
1882Goniodiscus compactus Carpenter p. 530
1882Goniodiscus mantelli Carpenter p. 530
1882Goniodiscus parkinsoni Carpenter p. 530
1893Metopaster parkinsoni Sladen pp. 31-37 figs. pl. 9, fig. 2; pl. 10, fig. 1-3, 5 only;
1893Metopaster mantelli Sladen pp. 38-41 figs. pl. 13 fig. 2-4
1893Metopaster bowerbankii Sladen pp. 42-45 figs. pl. 16 fig. 1
1893Metopaster zonatus Sladen pp. 45-47 figs. pl. 12 fig. 2
1902Goniaster (Goniodiscus) parkinsoni Fritel p. 79 figs. figs. 4, 5
1902Metopaster parkinsoni Valette pp. 5-8 figs. fig. 1
1905Metopaster mantelli Spencer figs. pl. 17 fig. 1
1905Metopaster parkinsoni Spencer p. 29 figs. fig. 2
1905Mitraster compactus Spencer pp. 67-68 figs. pl. 17, fig. 2, pl. 26 fig. 3
1907Metopaster parkinsoni Spencer pp. 117, 124 figs. figs. 17, 33
1913Metopaster parkinsoni Spencer figs. pl. 10 fig. 5, 13, non fig. 6
1913Mitraster compactus Spencer p. 117
1915Metopaster parkinsoni Valette pp. 9-12 figs. fig. 1
1924Metopaster parkinsoni von Zittel p. 236 figs. fig. 371
1940Mitraster compactus Wright and Wright p. 239 figs. pl. 14 fig. 10
1966Metopaster parkinsoni Spencer and Wright p. U57 figs. fig. 53.3
1969Metopaster parkinsoni Ginda p. 53
1975Metopaster parkinsoni Schulz and Weitschat pp. 256-257 figs. pl. 24, fig. 1
1978Metopaster parkinsoni Breton pp. 20-21
1981Metopaster parkinsoni Schulz and Weitschat p. 39
1983Metopaster parkinsoni Fricot pp. 9-14 figs. fig. 6-10, pl. 1 fig. 1-10
1985Metopaster parkinsoni Breton p. 430
1986Metopaster parkinsoni Breton p. 29
1987Metopaster parkinsoni Gale pp. 17-20 figs. fig. 9, pl. 1 fig. 6-13, pl. 2 fig. 1-10
1987Metopaster parkinsoni Wright and Smith p. 213 figs. pl. 47 fig. 1-13
1988Metopaster parkinsoni Smith et al. p. 199
1989Metopaster parkinsoni Gale pp. 287-288 figs. fig. 7a, b, d
1992Metopaster parkinsoni Breton pp. 106-119 figs. fig. 7.3, 7.5, 7. 6, fig. 21,33-44, pl.
1993Metopaster parkinsoni Lewis pp. 57-58
1993Metopaster parkinsoni Néraudeau and Breton p. 109 figs. pl. 1 fig. 1
1995Metopaster parkinsoni Villier p. 92 figs. fig. 31
1997Metopaster parkinsoni Breton pp. 137-141
1997Metopaster parkinsoni Helm p. 103 figs. fig. 11
2001Metopaster parkinsoni Villier pp. 595-597 figs. fig. 7.7-13
2001Metopaster parkinsoni Villier and Odin figs. pl. 1 fig. 9

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If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

G. Breton 1992Form pentagonal, with straight to weakly curved sides. Generally six superomarginals per side (can reach height or more, exceptionally four). Enlarged ultimate superomarginal short to elongate, rounded to narrowed. Rare occurrence of enlarged penultimate superomarginal with a small ultimate one. Intermediate superomarginal short, rarely squared with a convex profile, weakly rounded. Abactinal dome never developed. Inferomarginals rather flattened, profile triangular, external face flattened to slightly concave. Raised central area always differentiated from a depressed margin. Central area with ornament of granule pits. Density of granule pits varies from nearly smoothed to dense uniform coverage of the central area. Abactinal small, hexagonal, with rugosities or more generally granule pits. Pedicellariae pits of winged-type of varied frequency (typically 20% of marginal plates).