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Metopaster hunteri

Asteroidea - Valvatida - Goniasteridae

Goniaster (Goniodiscus) hunteri was named by Forbes (1848). It is not extant.

It was recombined as Astrogonium hunteri by Dujardin and Hupé (1862); it was recombined as Goniodiscus hunteri by Carpenter (1882); it was recombined as Mitraster hunteri by Sladen (1893), Valette (1902), Spencer (1907), Spencer (1913), Valette (1915) and Mercier (1936); it was misspelled as Mitraster hunterii by Brünnich-Nielsen (1943); it was recombined as Metopaster hunteri by Rasmussen (1950), Breton (1978), Gale (1987), Breton (1992) and Breton (1997).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) hunteri Forbes p. 471
1848Goniaster (Goniodiscus) sublunatus Forbes p. 472
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) hunteri Forbes pp. 331-332 figs. pl. 21 fig. 1
1850Goniaster (Goniodiscus) sublunatus Forbes p. 331
1854Goniaster (Goniodiscus) sublunatus Morris p. 81
1862Astrogonium hunteri Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1862Astrogonium sublunatum Dujardin and Hupé p. 399
1876Asterias sublunatus Quenstedt pp. 57-58 figs. pl. 92 fig. 2-3
1882Goniodiscus hunteri Carpenter p. 530
1882Goniodiscus sublunatus Carpenter p. 530
1893Metopaster sublunatus Sladen pp. 51-53
1893Mitraster hunteri Sladen pp. 59-62 figs. pl. 9 fig. 3, pl. 12 fig. 3, pl. 15 fig.
1902Mitraster hunteri Valette p. 14 figs. fig. 1
1907Mitraster hunteri Spencer p. 117 figs. fig. 18
1913Mitraster hunteri Spencer p. 117 figs. pl. 10 fig. 23 only
1915Mitraster hunteri Valette pp. 17-18 figs. fig. 3
1936Mitraster hunteri Mercier p. 23
1943Mitraster hunterii Brünnich-Nielsen p. 38
1950Metopaster hunteri Rasmussen p. 21
1978Metopaster hunteri Breton pp. 25-27 figs. fig. 14, pl. 3 fig. 12-14
1987Metopaster hunteri Gale pp. 29-31 figs. pl. 6 fig. 18-23, pl. 8 fig. 1-9
1992Metopaster hunteri Breton pp. 138-145 figs. fig. 56-60, pl. 8 fig. 8-11, pl. 9-10
1997Metopaster hunteri Breton pp. 142-143 figs. fig. 6

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G. Breton 1992Size small to medium. Body circular to pentagonal with blunt angles and convex sides. R/r ratio about 1.1. Four intermediate superomarginal plates per side at adult size. Marginal plates generally wider than long. One enlarged ultimate superomarginal plate triangular, short, in contact with three inferomarginals. Superomarginal plates with an abactinal bulge. The abactinal side typically bears adradial rugosities that disappear gradually to the abactinal bulge. Granule-pits occur between rugosities but do not expand to the entire surface of the external face. Inferomarginals with an external face with scattered granule-pits on actinal and adradial sides.